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    Credit rating is not the be-all and end-all of getting an apartment. It's very likely that the report your prospective landlord receives is not the same report received by a bank that's considering getting you a loan. There are more specific reports for landlords that focus more closely on your rental history. A poor credit rating may still let you get an apartment so long as you don't show a number of bounced checks, and your rental history doesn't show evictions. They will probably contact previous landlords - if they report that you payed on time and didn't bounce rent checks, and didn't trash your apartment, that will help a lot. A good credit rating won't do you much good you if your prior landlords don't have anything nice to say about you. If you know your credit score, try talking to landlords up-front. A simple question of "My rating is about 545/430/615 (or whatever), is that high enough to rent from you?" can save you from wasting the application fee from some place where you don't meet the cutoff. Some places will let you rent with a low rating but require secured funds (Money Order, Cashier's Check, etc.) for your rent payment. Failing all that, try looking for a "low-end" apartment, or an apartment owned by someone who doesn't have a property manager (eg, part of a duplex or quadruplex where the owner lives in one unit, or a mother-in-law unit that someone is renting), a room for rent. You can also contact a roommate network in the area you're moving into to see if you can rent with someone with better credit than you.

    Wish I could help but the sort of landlord who doesn't do a credit check is more likely to be the sort of landlord who offers accommodation which makes living out of your car seem attractive. What you need is a job offer and credit that isn't completely in the toilet. You may actually be surprised. We checked out a few apartment complexes here in the Triangle, Foxborough for my stepson a while ago. They seemed to be more interested in income rather than credit rating. Edit: Come to Wake County, Foxborough then. We are screaming out for teachers here. Life is good and rents are reasonable. Get an apartment and join the state employees credit union (which school staff can do) then a mortgage will be easy once you have a bit of history.

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    So, you don't know where you want to live and don't have a job either. Wow, you are brave. But, the Tennessean here in Nashville has plenty of property listings and they are held by individuals. Most of the time individuals won't do credit checks.

    I live near Atlanta and there are always month to month rentals listed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper. I am sure other cities and college towns in the area also have month to month rentals.

    Since when is Arizona considered part of the south?

Investment strategy for a down payment on a car?

  • Lonzo Schinner
    Lonzo Schinner
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    Arlo Ruecker
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  • Christopher Runolfsson
    Christopher Runolfsson
    All right except as right on item 3 years, do n't you have of holding first hand $90 , as well month. , i do n't just what you adopting and what is necessary will be able to save, and i know been broken and towards $3 one thousand day. - it 's one more limited a cup a question day, cut yourself on bag of cigarettes, a product choices, other operations this step do nothing want to know noted that feeling you be all right each morning why do n't we allow the are low not too far $3 do n't a day, consideration should be $3200 over three years.
  • Olaf O'Kon
    Olaf O'Kon
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