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    Well, you'd need a Centrist Party to do that. Let me take our example from Canada, and apply it to the good old USA. In the USA, the Republicans are the Rightist party. This would correspond to one of the Conservative parties in Canada. (We've had several variations over the last 17 or so years, ever since Brian Mulroney destroyed the old, and great, original Conservative party of Diefenbaker - who himself, due to the Avro Arrow scandal, was as you know, literally a traitor to Canada - though at great benefit to the USA.) Meanwhile, the Democrats are the Leftist party, though certainly much less to the left than the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP). Now, we, in Canada, generally take the third option: A Centrist party. In Canada, that is the Liberal Party. (...before Chretien and Martin sank it via financial scandal - the Quebec Referendum thing.) Now, what would be needed in the USA, is either a true Leftist party, or a true Centrist party. I honestly think, that based on my 10 years of life in the USA in Arizona, that a true Leftist party, a la NDP, would not go over very well in the USA. I also base this on the cureent news that I follow from the USA. Thus, you would be stuck with trying to form a Centrist US party. In Canada, the Liberals did this by having a very broad centrist viewpoint of politics: Their policies encompassed ideas that would be considered very left or Democrat in origin, Foxborough WELL Foxborough policies that would be considered fairly right, or "mild Republican" in nature. And they embraced everything in between. You could not call it the Liberal Party. That word will not sell in the USA. You'd have to call it something like "The All American Party". Your problem, is that the USA, increasingly, over the last decade, has become very polarized. The states are either blue, or red, and nothing in between. But, if you could start such a party, I think the best place to start would be in California, assuming you could avoid the "California Kook" association. You would then have to grow the party eastwards. You'd be stealing votes from the Democrats, and the "soft" Republican states. I wish you luck, because, while I cannot call myself a true Canadian Liberal, I think that a good strong Centrist Party would be a good thing for America. Could they win an election? Possibly not from a Presidential viewpoint - at least not for a number of years. But they could capture significant seats in Congress, and in the Senate. And this could be a good thing. The reason we have several parties, any of which could win in Canada, is because of our British Parliamentary type system. The US system, does not, unfortunately, lend itself well to a multi-party system.... You'd have to dismantle the Electoral College for one thing, and make the President directly elected ONLY by the popular vote. No super-delegates, or any of that stuff. A true examination of this topic is beyond the scope of this answer. We'd be talking about a book being needed to to the idea justice. Perhaps you and your friends will do the R&D, do the door to door work, start such a party, and in the end save the USA, and maybe the world at the same time.... It's not a small job... but it is a laudable goal. Clearly, something is needed. If the American ship of state cannot be righted, then I see very bad times for Spaceship Earth. Good Luck!

    Vote YOUR mind and your conscience. You do not have to vote for one of the two major parties. Both parties work together to tell you that a vote for a third party is like throwing your vote away. This is not true. Vote in your local elections. They are not as glamourous but can be decided by a few votes. Read Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Reagan. All believed in small government and individual responsibility. As long as individuals refuse to think, our government will spiral out of control.

    Anytime... as soon as a third party candidate comes up with ENOUGH support from voters, he/she will be elected. The media favors what is reality. And of course, reality makes a LOT of people angry. That is their issue.

    Its not the media attention. we can elect someone of another party such as Green or Independent when a majority of voters agree with the policies of the third-party candidate.

    When another party has enough members and can carry the number of votes necessary to get elected.

    When the U.S. tax paying citizens finally realize neither of these parties are what we need. Without media coverage it is difficult but not impossible. It would take work from the supporters to do what the media should do.

    It's whoever can get their name out there best. Democrats and Republicans are the most well known so they're going to get more funding and be able to put their names out there faster and more efficiently.

    Mainstream media won't speak of other parties because they won't get ratings. Only small channels or independant radio will speak of anyone else, although their not likely to win anytime soon.

    Money.Both sides work to keep the federal reserve going. Ron Paul wanted to get rid of it.

    Never, unless the system changes.

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