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    President Obama has: - Rescued the nation from a collapsing economy! - Caused the unemployment rate to plummet. - Put an END to and slashed gross government spending that was implemented by Bush. - Brought our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. - Won the Nobel PEACE prize!!! - Passed a free health care bill that most Americans were too stupid too to support! - Made America friends again with Islamic countries - Promoted alternative lifestyles of homosexuality, transgender, etc -- DIVERSITY! - Demanded immigration laws not be enforced, in preparation for universal amnesty - Worked closely with other nations to form a NEW WORLD ODER of diplomacy and peace - Saved the world from man made climate change! - Bailed out large corporations and banks that would have failed without our money - Brought all our troops HOME from Bush's war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations. - Put an end to space research -- we've already been to the moon. What else is there? - Pointed out more Bush follies, such as allowing OFFSHORE DRILLING - Prevented global warming by banning standard practice of burning oil at spill sites before it spreads - Given us more of what we deserve monthly! My check is up $2300/month from what Bush gave us! - Made more equal opportunity for us to become what we want to be - Spent money to stimulate the economy - Spoke out against people that say America's government is broken (Tea party) - Allowed leaders of other nations to speak their mind about America on the tax payers dime - Bankrupted capitalistic companies to move towards socialism and eventually communism - Caused inflation to make other nations currency stronger - Apologized for American's history and arrogance - Filed lawsuits against neocon states that want to prohibit illegal immigrants - Preparing for a national amnesty program to ensure EVERYONE in the USA has the same rights - STOPPED the oil leak in the gulf - abolished DON'T tell I'll ask - gotten rid of BUSH's taxcuts - started a crackdown on CYBER BULLYING -figured out a way to allow homosexuals to legally molest the general public (TSA patdown) -realized the rights of Americans were intended to be expendable -repealed don't ask don't tell -proposed a plan that requires everyone to have their OWN internet Foxborough -comforted the nation and offered the full resources of the government to finding out what happened in Arizona -invited President Hu to come to the White House for a steak dinner to discuss more loans and debt extension -told big oil to "shove it" preventing them from gouging the American consumers with gas prices over $2, as Bush allowed These are just a few of the many things that President Obama has done since being elected. He promised he would bring HOPE and CHANGE if elected and he has delivered! Why do people still oppose him? Is racism ever going to die?

    I noticed people post this but too many spams LOL

    Fail troll. The economy still sucks Unemployment is over 9% He has QUADROUPLED the debt Bush's tax cuts are still in effect BP stopped the OIl spill, not Obama But this may all be sarcasm. Not sure.

    It's not always about race! Some people might not like those things he has done. Those who support the tea party will disagree for sure. And to answer this: Is racism ever going to die? Racism has died long ago. It is only alive in the minds of those who keep it alive.

    There's still troops in Iraq. If he told big oil to shove it gas still wouldn't be $3.00. And it's not racist to hate Obama it's Foxborough not to like him. Also he was at a rally and one woman came up saying I voted you for change and I'm still waiting he pretty much ignored the question. You posted this before so I copied and pasted my reply woohoo

    Why do people still oppose him? Is racism ever going to die? You seem to have already decided on why people oppose Obama .You lost me when you decided to play the race card. So now I'm not going to explain my opposition to Obama to you.

    Bravo! Best gag post I've seen today! I can't believe more people have not figured out that you were joking.

    Because he is worse than expected. His policies are bad no matter what his skin color is.

    The amount of BS in this post is staggering. It would take years to set you straight.

    He's an idiot and a socialist. And hes black. Oh, yea and a dumbass. Because hes doing EVERYTHING...wrong economically.

    It seems your decision to wear knit hats throughout the heat of the summer has melted your brain...but it sure makes you look douchey.....

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    Angelina Koss
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