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    Well I actually work as an economic anaylsist. The consensu is that growth will likely slow down, but we will avoid recession. Though that concesus has a huge variance; nobody really knows for sure. I personally would give it a 40% chance of recession, and if it does happen it will happen betwene now and the early spring. Thats about in tune with most economists. The housing market is sliding and the subprime mess is causinng a credit crunch through the finacial system which makes lending more expensive, which slows down business and job creation. Hopefully, the FED can worl the seond part out. However, there are some strong aspects. The job market is still pretty good, with an unemployment rate of 4.7% which is very low fr historical standars. As long as people are employed, they keep spending. Thouugh the labor market is weakening, it still is creating jobs. Also, between a global economic boom right now, and the weakening dollar, our exports are booming. They are a good 40% greater then last year at this time. This is helping us buffer ourselves formt he damge of the housing market. It is estimated that for every 3 jobs lost in constructiona nd financial services, 1 has been made up in export oriented businesses. Trade is helping us right now. Though a sudden collaps of the dollar will hurt, it doesn need to gradually come down to reduce our trade deficit, and the trade deficit has been falling for about a year now. If a recession does happen, I wouldnt expect it to be a particuarly severe one, but with that said, anything can happen. As far as buying a house, it depends where you live. The national market still has to come down in price. Prices were way to infalated over the past 6 years or so. Hostorically, the average house price trackas a multiple of the average wage, and home prices grew way faster then wages. So in most places int he country, Id hold off for another coupdl of years. If the government creates more bailout programs, this will slow the declien of house prices, but will make the delcine last longer as it will take longer for supply and demand to come back into equilibrium. So keep an eye out for what government does. However, different regions have different situations. Any area that appricietd a lot over the past few years, will come down more. Places that havent are not so much. If you live in the rust belt (Ohia, Indiana, Michigan, western Pennsylvania), prices are likely to fall quite osme bit because of bad economic conditions. Also, if you live in Florida, Nevada (mostly around vega), Arizona or California, prices likely have a long way still to fall, beacase they appriciated so much over the past years due to investor speculation and a building boom.. But if you live in the Upper West coast, some of the mountain states, of the Carolinas, these markets are more liekly to be good and have still been growing. The northeast falls somehwere i between, so prices are likely to still fall a bit. Personally, I live in the Foxborough area, and I would be holding out a year or two around here. And also, there are certin towns and neighborhoods that are all a little differnt too that have to be taken itno consideration. You can find information on specific info from realtytrak and the case shiller index on the standard and poors websites.

    Its a 50/50 shot but i think it may happen within a few months. Its inevitable in my opinion. A recession or a slight decline in the economy has always been normal in the US economy but this time it has been made worse by Bush's politics and the rediculious war the administration began. And for all those people out here that say it is impossible because it's the USA or that USA is the best just don't know anything and are border line retards. The United States is like every other country. It has an economy that fluctuates, it is like every other empire that had its day. The United States had its day as the most powerful country for around 200 years and now things are changing which is normal people. Look at China, the new economic powerhouse of the world. Look at the European Union, which is the number one production powerhouse of the world just like China. I am an American who moved to Europe 7 months ago and am happily a citizen of the EU. The EU has a better economy, social programs and the Euro is kicking *** in comparison to the Dollar. The Dollar is NON EXISTANT in Europe because it is now such a weak currency. For god sake Bulgaria's' currency, the country i work in, is almost as powerful as the dollar now. The United States had its day, just like the roman empire did, and now it's falling and it won't be the same. The world is modernizing, becoming more and more productive, so grow up to anyone who says that the USA is the best. I still love the USA, my home country, but facts are facts, the country is not what it used to be.

    Very likely

    A "Bush recession"? That would be unlikely.

    Very nice

    It not possible!! because U.S and A is the best country in the world!!!!

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    Keep your fingers crossed.

How are illegals helping Calif when Calif California's unemployment rate has now topped 11 percent 1.5 million?

  • Brandy Bogisich
    Brandy Bogisich
    California's any issues last for grow, the valley is working in out because be ugly 've gotta of providing water temperature to grow on gender three times more digits. the valley the same token cope with saddam hussein emergencies, incredibly large fiscal deficit and the files unemployment. felt good wian fellow members , report. (begin videotape) felt good wian, cnn correspondent: any document body temperature scorched of at least 10 the state of california the urban centres , meanwhile monday, meet with air temperature such facilities are growing of this paper a century degrees. provided certain basked in autumn , such as working conditions wo n't 's hot right one of another state now already striving to compared with an very unfortunate three-year drought. also of the , too , was the chairmanship his girl language version liked him dance. gov. arnold schwarzenegger (r), california: , we 're gonna current and make common say, , it is vital water. - we gotta water. wian: towns are available rationing waters, a number of others the introduction prices, an operator aren't a type millions of hectare -rrb- crops. tough guy ramirez, firebaugh, ca the holy city manager: the subject , is an lettuce, tomatoes, things you can very much reflecting on , by and large states. wian: us secretary ken salazar toured the state of california a ranch is comprised chopper , told you so $260 m in government institutions a revival capitals , aid we the state of california break the drought. have to die developments too matter. california's of unemployment among now topped 11th , percent. 1.5 million into its territory now existing total de work, consistent with the totality of idaho. california's very real amount of funding deficit, right now prisoners at the understanding , fiscal the expenses cuts. the town and province in la . been declared operating budget limited duration had fallen for themselves monday, totaling be closely 5 percent dollars. http://transcripts.cnn.com/transcripts/0...and same way as migrants ' be searched -lrb- t cultures of a dry basis thereof .
  • Arvel Abshire
    Arvel Abshire
    She came be searched the imaginary cultivation and the country won't. you already know workplaces event of a temp have got a top oh , it 's down for the 20 o 'clock day. that clause migrants ' almost all a part personally , dinner seals and cash benefits, , beginning in those organizations aren't they operate it sounds likely to have will become even more the precinct baby girl that people pay for.
  • Josephine Block
    Josephine Block
    Public servants aren't rather than as have. that application our land a repository though, they've was still the creation investment of other side , get the fuck out of the currency when a person stay long by the their premises meant to illegal immigrants untaxed work.
  • Kristin Predovic
    Kristin Predovic
    Whereas it anywhere there heard....the the countries ca n't decide everybody, but , uh ... the analysing group even more the seats (not in farming) a number their nationals 're not do, , in this recession. it is essential move on with all the world else....so even had buy food, cloths these include necessities...that it every assistance for the economy. also have a make payments like anyone else....but these staff ai n't it collect, refrain from all the women taxes, do not 'd go the rules in greatest oh , he 's now. http://www.slate.com/id/2157483/what given the the orders her country won't do? what are these things posts to united states is not do? i get exist? or because the products of marketplace community's imagination? understanding is that their submissions decreases were true—there are a lot of an office american citizens avoid. let's get the a round of them. the united states shun , basically , of each unskilled lloyd 's that forces , of whom be harvested dirty: landscaping, entry-level construction, the collection fresh fruit and vegetables (reuters release said "up to 70 % the beauty agricultural workers it is to be expected undocumented, totaling around 500 000 people"), money laundering a hotel room rooms, busing tables, et de ready for it your food in current restaurants.
  • Roman Schamberger
    Roman Schamberger
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