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    President Obama has: - Rescued the nation from a collapsing economy! - Caused the unemployment rate to plummet. - Put an END to and slashed gross government spending that was implemented by Bush. - Brought our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. - Won the Nobel PEACE prize!!! - Passed a free health care bill that most Americans were too stupid too to support! - Made America friends again with Islamic countries - Promoted alternative lifestyles of homosexuality, transgender, etc -- DIVERSITY! - Demanded immigration laws not be enforced, in preparation for universal amnesty - Worked closely with other nations to form a NEW WORLD ODER of diplomacy and peace - Saved the world from man made climate change! - Bailed out large corporations and banks that would have failed without our money - Brought all our troops HOME from Bush's war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations. - Put an end to space research -- we've already been to the moon. What else is there? - Pointed out more Bush follies, such as allowing OFFSHORE DRILLING - Prevented global warming by banning standard practice of burning oil at spill sites before it spreads - Given us more of what we deserve monthly! My check is up $2300/month from what Bush gave us! - Made more equal opportunity for us to become what we want to be - Spent money to stimulate the economy - Spoke out against people that say America's government is broken (Tea party) - Allowed leaders of other nations to speak their mind about America on the tax payers dime - Bankrupted capitalistic companies to move towards socialism and eventually communism - Caused inflation to make other nations currency stronger - Apologized for American's history and arrogance - Filed lawsuits against neocon states that want to prohibit illegal immigrants - Preparing for a national amnesty program to ensure EVERYONE in the USA has the same rights - STOPPED the oil leak in the gulf - abolished DON'T tell I'll ask - gotten rid of BUSH's taxcuts - started a crackdown on CYBER BULLYING -figured out a way to allow homosexuals to legally molest the general public (TSA patdown) -realized the rights of Americans were intended to be expendable -repealed don't ask don't tell -proposed a plan that requires everyone to have their OWN internet Gaines School -comforted the nation and offered the full resources of the government to finding out what happened in Arizona -invited President Hu to come to the White House for a steak dinner to discuss more loans and debt extension -told big oil to "shove it" preventing them from gouging the American consumers with gas prices over $2, as Bush allowed These are just a few of the many things that President Obama has done since being elected. He promised he would bring HOPE and CHANGE if elected and he has delivered! Why do people still oppose him? Is racism ever going to die?

    Obama shits rainbows and his tears cure cancer. Didn't you hear?

    Because he is a LYING sack of crap. I don't care if he were green, you know he is lying whenever he opens his mouth. He CLAIMS that his latest budget proposal will be balanced by the middle of this decade, yet if you actually READ the budget that his staff printed out, it CLEARLY shows that the budget will NEVER come close to being balanced, let alone a budget surplus. His explanation, well....... we didn't count interest on our debt expense in our calculations. Really? So, then normal Americans can go around not paying interest on our mortgages, Credit Cards, and car payments, because.... Obama doesn't count those. Your obvious lies that you have listed as evidence of Obama doing something besides ruining the country and your automatic insistence that anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist is proof enough that you are the only racist here. whale

    I'm liking the tone of people's answers to this question. Nice to see we're not all asleep. Even Punk Chik who voted for him at least gave an honest answer. Despite the fact I am against about everything Obummer stands for, I respect her angle because she isn't blinded by the messianic propaganda and didn't pull the race card like you did.

    Because as a citizen of AMERICA it is my RIGHT to choose whether I like someone or not. I do not live in Nazi Germany nor Communist China. Also, I don't belong to a politically correct party who believes "If they do not agree with me or think the way I think then they must be homophobic/sexist/racist/ignorant/mental... disabled/ or some other insult that they pulled out of their @$$.

    Most of the things you mentioned aren't so great. And winning the Nobel Peace Prize makes him amazing somehow? I've never thought so low of the distributors of that prize than when he won it. And here's a newsflash for you: this has nothing to do with race.

    Because Obama's an idiot whose actions have only hurt America, not helped. He deserves no respect for his complete and utter LACK of respect for this nation's citizens. All he does is threaten American businesses, American states, and the American people as if we are a threat to him. It's been like that since day one. Even our enemies get more respect from Obama than we do.

    Gas prices clime every day now over 3 dollars a gallon. Cost of health insurance up 40% Cost of food and clothes going up. Wage freezes. unemployment still almost 10% Funding for education cut. Borders are less secure than ever, Crime and violence along the border worse than in any time since the Alamo Drug cartel killing everyone in their way. Giving amnesty to criminals and punishing those that defend laws. Why do you still support him? How long will you use the race card to defend his historic failure in every aspect of leadership?

    Exhibit A:

    He has done zero for the American people. He is a liar. He runs at first sign of trouble. He dumps a problem on someone else. He crossed someone to get where he's at. He has a harder time daily trying to hide his praise for muslims. The health bill would cripple the people. He(like a petty thief), snuck it through. I have to assume you are black, muslim, or at least lib. He is the worst pres. sit in we have ever had. God Bless America and to hell with the others.

    It is not racist to oppose some or all of his rules, it is a distinction in ideology, or opinion. If one have been racist they could oppose, or help him, based purely on his race, and the guidelines does not count.

    I have to say it after reading your post, 0bama made a mistake when he did not make you his new press secretary. To say that you're delusional is an understatement, your dreams, visions and illusions when it comes to your view of the fantasy in which you see 0bama, its got hallucinations or maybe a will-o -the -wisp!

How much does a newly hired prosecutor makes ?

  • Baby Marvin
    Baby Marvin
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  • Jennifer Gottlieb
    Jennifer Gottlieb
    It was therefore the government 's record.