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    I live in a rental home and due to poor maintenance on the landlord's part... the master bathroom (2nd floor) flooded and the water went through the floor and came pouring from the kitchen ceiling downstairs. We were able to stop the water and the landlord repaired the toilet upstairs. 16 days later, no work has been done in the kitchen. I have a 6 month old who was born prematurely and two other children, one who suffers from asthma symptoms. I am concerned that black mold will start growing... does anyone know how long until that would start and how fast it would spread. It is hot here in Arizona and I am afraid to turn on the air conditioner in case it will blow the black mold through the house. I have emailed my local news stations and called the Landlord Tenant Act but so far no one can help me! What are the health risks to my children at this point and how do I get my landlord to step up? I can't afford to hire it fixed or move out!

    At this point there is about 20 feet by 15 feet of drywall that is drenched and hanging from the ceiling over my kitchen, dining, and family room area. I emailed the landlord over a week ago (which was 8 days after the damage) and quoted the Landlord Tenant Act telling him I was giving him 10 days vacate notice if the work was not started within 48 hours. He basically ignored me. I called the health department and they said until someone is hospitalized, they can't do anything for me... and I read the laws regarding repairs the landlord will not fix. I can only get it repaired up to half the cost of my monthly rent. It will cost about 6-8 times that much to fix, so I cannot force my landlord to reimburse me. I would just move out but I just moved in 4 weeks ago and I don't have the money to move again much less put a security deposit on another house.

    The odds of any dangerous mold spores surviving in Gaines School are close to zero. It takes several years for anything to get to a dangerous point. Because Gaines School is hot and very dry you should be Gaines School as long as you open the house up a bit and let the air evaporate all of the water. The risk to your family is far less then 1%. I am unclear what the landlord needs to fix. I guess that depends on what caused the flood in the first place.

    Perhaps one reason to not do repairs yet is to let the wetness air out and dry up? Mold is not automatic. By covering the areas while they are still damp it's more likely to begin. But I would put the landlord on written notice that if work is not begun you will be forced to break the lease. Trust me he does not want you to leave.

In the NYPD and most police departments, can you volunteer to work overtime for extra money?

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    Enrico Heidenreich
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  • Jettie Boehm
    Jettie Boehm
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  • Hiram Brekke
    Hiram Brekke
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    Meggie Erdman
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