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    I recently got approved for a 300 thousand dollor loan to buy my first home. After making a few offers followed by a counter offer, I was able to agree on a price that was fair. I just called my Insurance company that my friends dad owns, and some girl that that have working there said that the company they use would not allow me to get home insurance. I don't understand why, I have 2 cars insured by them, without any driving problems! IS she right? Since I am new and never owned a house before, can they just deny me like that? Should I go with another insurance provider or is there "Special" Insurance I need to get?? I don't really understand this, and I'm going to assume she's wrong. Kids can get their own insurance on a car when they never had insurance in their life, they just pay more. Why is it that I am having problems? I want to use this company and no one else. Can anyone help me, I need exact details on what to do! Thanks -Andrew in MA

    The house is not in a flood/wetlands or close to any type of area like that. Also we don't get very many (or any) hurricanes here in Massachusetts. Please keep answering.. good answers, I just think you all are thinking to much. The girl has no clue about the house. She asked what town it was in and personal info about myself she already had (from my other two cars). What I REALLY need to know, is there any reason why they wont even get me started? The problem is either her, or their end. Not mine, my question really should be... are there certain rules that they go by that I don't know that would deny me? Like my credit score? or something?

    Sue - good questions.. I don't own a dog or any pet for that matter and I don't plan on doing so either. No, we don't have a trampoline.. but yes the house is old (1947?). The systems were all recently updated inside, and it does not have any aluminum or knob & tube wiring. It has new baseboard forced hot water (installed last year). The house has a perimeter fence around the whole yard with a fence down the center of the yard to further divide the pool area cutting the yard in half.

    Call and actually talk to your agent. that doesn't sound right to me that girl probably doesn't know what she is talking about. if not go to a different agent and take your cars there too because that is bs.

    She should have told you why her company will not write you. Do you own a dog or other exotic pet? If so, what kind? Do you have a trampoline? Is the house old? Have all the systems been updated? Does it have any aluminum or knob & tube wiring? Does it have central heat or just wood heat? Does the house have an unfenced pool? These are some major underwriting questions that could cause issues when you are trying to insure a home. Find out exactly why coverage was declined & then call around to see if you can find someone that will write you with the issue, or you will need to resolve the issue. If you are willing to resolve the issue (fencing a pool, getting rid of a trampoline or rewiring the house, etc), you may be able to get coverage with the stipulation that the issue will be resolved in 30-45 days. If nothing else works, you may have to get a policy with Surplus Lines & that is expensive & the coverage is very limited. DON'T lie, if there was an issue before the policy was written that you didn't tell them about when asked & there is a claim, the policy can be declared null & void & the claim will not be covered. Good luck to you. ** Is it possible your auto insurance company doesn't write homeowners policies?? Or, the company told the agency they couldn't write homeowners policies due to not enough policies written and/or a bad loss ratio? What company is your auto with? I am in New England. I know that National Grange Mutual & Vermont Mutual both write home & auto in MA. National Grange Mutual is located in Keene, Gainesville & Vermont Mutual is in Montpelier, VT. Try to find an agency that writes with them. They are smaller companies but very good.

    That is indeed a somewhat abrupt response to a legitimate question. There could be a myriad of answers to your question. My guess is that you may be wanting to insure with a company that is placing underwriting restrictions on its agents. Here in California, State Farm put a moratorium on new business a few years ago and they're still smarting from some of the residual bad feeling. Allstate is taking a beating too. I've heard noises that they will stop writing new homeowners policies, but at this point, I think it's still rumor. My guess is you are dealing with a company that is currently restricting their agents from writing new homeowners business. If I were you, I'd look around for someone to take your whole package. If you are not going to be insured, you need someone who is going to give you a bit more information than that. They should at the VERY least give you a referral to someone who can write it.

    There is no reason why they should deny you homeowners insurance coverage. A lot of companies do look at credit score but since you just got approved for a 300k loan and are a current client to this company I don't imagine that is the reason. I work with first time home buyers all the time and I have never heard of a reputable company denying them insurance coverage. I would move my business to another insurance company. Most companies will give you a discount if you have your home and cars insured with them. Good luck!

    The underwriting criteria used for insurance varies, and does include credit score. The reasons they won't write insurance on a home also can vary. Often companies don't want to writer in various areas. I have never heard any problems with first time homebuyers. Call around and get quotes from several different companies. Make a package with your autos, it will get you a better rate. If your current agent cannot handle your business, move on.

    Did you ask why they would not insure you? I wouldn't think that just because you are a first time home buyer would be an issue. It could be that the home is in a high risk area such as risk of hurricanes or flooding. I would call them back and ask to speak to someone of authority to get to the bottom of this. There are plenty of insurance companies out there. Keep shopping and don't give up!.

    You can buy homeowner's insurance from any property and casualty company. You said, "...I want to use this company and no one else..." I'm not sure I understand why that is, especially after they just made such a bad impression on you - but if you must, ask to speak to an agent.

    Some agencies only sell car insurance. Some, only from one company, like State Farm. If they don't have any companies that write house insurance (like, they're a Progressive agent only), or their only company isn't writing new policies, they they can't do it. She SHOULD have told you why. Now, I know a GREAT agency in Worcerster - GM Abodeely Agency, they have TONS of companies. They can help you out.

    While you're renting, then it would be maximum suitable to touch the owner and clarify the area and tell him which you filed a police record. The sources vendors insurance that the owner has covers the homestead,in spite of the shown fact that he has a deductible and that's ususally greater than the fee of the window. yet you are the tenant so there should not be a subject for you.

    That's strange. have they inspected the new house yet? Will htey not insure it due to an old roof or something?? THAt would be the only reasonable excuse for not taking you as a client.