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    Lets just say you won a competition to be the new owner of WWE b/c Vince was retiring. You own all of WWE, but you have a budget, so you have to fire alot of wrestler, you have to make alot of descisions & be smart, so below are a list of things you have to do. - Choose only 14 male wrestlers [(f)for Face & (h)for Heel] - Choose 8 female wrestlers [(f)for Face & (h)for Heel] - Choose only one show (Smackdown or RAW) & the day it'll air - Choose an exceptional show (NXT, Superstars, etc) & the day it'll air - Choose the 4 titles & title holder (Must have a WHC, Tag, Diva & Mid-Card title) - Finally, choose a city to host these events: Extreme Rules Over the Limit Fatal 4 Way Money in the Bank SummerSlam Night of Champions Hell in a Cell Cyber Sunday Survivor Series Slammy Awards Table, Ladder, Chairs King of the Ring Royal Rumble Elimination Chamber WrestleMania (cant be Atlanta) Homecoming (former WWE wrestlers v. Current) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sorry if thats alot to do, but since WWE isnt as interesting as it once was, im just wondering how what you'd do as owner, I know its alot to answer, but please answer it, thanks.

    Note: This has been done on the bases that i can only choose WWE wrestlers and not others that have either gone to TNA, Indys or retired (HBK). Plus I wish to add that this is one of the most interesting and worthwhile questions I've ever seen, quite enjoyed doing this. 14 Male Wrestlers: Triple H (f) The Undertaker (f) Randy Orton (h) John Morrison (f) Chris Jericho (h) CM Punk (h) Kane (h) Edge (f) Christian (f) Drew McIntyre (h) Kofi Kingston (f) Dolph Ziggler (h) Daniel Bryan (f) The Miz (h) 8 Female Wrestlers: Michelle McCool (h) Layla (f) Melina (f) Maryse (h) Beth Phoenix (f) Gail Kim (h) Natalya (h) Kelly Kelly (f) My one show: WWE Monday Night RAW Other Show: NXT but with a reformed format where 50% of the decision goes to the "WWE Universe" 25% of the decision goes on from Pro Poll's and 25% goes on a points system from the matches the NXT rookies have been in. Also it would be a male NXT as the female NXT has been ****. My four titles: WWE Championship (but the belt would be in a similar style to the World Heavyweight Championship) Intercontinental Championship WWE Tag Team Championship Women's Championship Title Holder: WWE Champion: Chris Jericho Intercontinental Champion: Drew McIntyre WWE Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian Women's Champion: Beth Phoenix Extreme Rules - Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (16,000) Over the Limit - Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA (21,000) Fatal 4Way - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, USA (17,000) Money in the Bank - Staples Centre, Los Angeles, California, USA (Original MITB was here) (21,000) SummerSlam - Wembley Stadium (open air), London, United Kingdom (100,000+) Night of Champions - AT&T Centre, San Antonio, Texas, USA (16,000) Hell in a Cell - Scottrade Center, St Louis, Missouri, USA (21,000) Cyber Sunday - US Airways Centre, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (17,000) Survivor Series - Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington, USA (54,000+) Slammy Awards - 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (14,000) Table, Ladders & Chairs - Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio (18,000) King of the Ring - The 02 Arena, London, United Kingdom (23,000) Royal Rumble - Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico (Give Mexico a Big Four PPV) (100,000+) Elimination Chamber - American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, USA (20,000) Wrestlemania - Pontiac Silverdrome, Pontiac, Michigan, USA (Wrestlemania 3 Venue) (93,000+) Homecoming - Madison Square Gardon, New York City, New York, USA (21,000+)

    - 1. Triple H (h) 2. Chris Jericho (h) 3. CM Punk (h) 4. John Cena (f) 5. Edge (h) 6. Undertaker (f) 7. Kane (h) 8. The Miz (h) 9. Daniel Bryan (f) 10. Kofi Kingston (f) 11. Rey Mysterio (f) 12. Dolph Ziggler (h) 13. Evan Bourne (f) 14. Justin Gabriel (f) - 1. Layla (h) 2. Michelle McCool (h) 3. Gail Kim (f) 4. Beth Pheonix (f) 5. Naomi (f) 6. Melina (h) 7. Eve Torres (f) 8. Natalya (h) - RAW on monday - NXT on Wednesdays - WWE Champion - Triple H (H) United States Champion - Daniel Bryan (F) Divas Champion - Natalya (F) Tag Champions - Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio (F) / I wouldn't really have tag teams with 14 superstars. - Extreme Rules - Chicago Over the Limit - Florida Fatal 4 Way - Washington Gresham Park Money in the Bank - Louisiana Summerslam - Texas Night of Champions - New York Hell in a Cell - New Mexico Cyber Sunday - Colorado Survivor Series - Atlanta Slammy Awards - Nebraska TLC - Arkansas King of the Ring - Florida Royal Rumble - California Elimination Chamber - Washington Wrestlemania - Texas Homecoming - Georgia Best selling cities = 1. Texas, 2. Atlanta, 3. California

    This is one of the most interesting questions i've seen for some time. Male Wrestlers Randy Orton (h) Chris Jericho (f) John Cena (h) Daniel Bryan (f) Triple H (h) CM Punk (h) Christian (h) The Miz (f) The Undertaker (f) Matt Hardy V1 (h) Zack Ryder (with hardy as his mentor) (h) Sheamus (f) John Morrison (h) Wade Barrett (h) Female Wrestlers Melina (h) Natalya (h) Beth Phenioux (f) Eve (f) Maryse (h) Gail Kim (f) Lay Cool (h) The Show Raw on a Tuesday Night NXT on a Wednesday Night Titles WWE Title- Christian Women's Title- Melina Intercontinental Title- John Morrison WWE Tag Team Titles- Matt Hardy & Zack Ryder The PPV's Extreme Rules- Hammarstein Ballroom Over the Limit- The Wembly Arena, London Fatal 4 Way- Bell Centre, Montreal Money in the Bank- United Centre, Chicago SummerSlam- Campaq Centre, California Night of Champions- American Airlines Centre, Texas Hell in a Cell- Pepsi Centre, Colorodo Cyber Sunday- Target Centre, Minnesotina Survivor Series- Verizon Centre, Washington Slammy Awards- MSG Table, Ladder, Chairs- AT&T Centre, Texas King of the Ring- Phillips Arena, Georgia Royal Rumble- Joe Louis Arena, Detroit Elimination Chamber- KeyArena, Washington WrestleMania (cant be Atlanta)- MSG Homecoming (former WWE wrestlers v. Current)- Alanta

    Undertaker (f), Kaval (f), Rey Mysterio (f), Daniel Bryan (f), John Morrison (f), Kofi Kingston (f), Randy Orton (f), The Miz (h), Ted DiBiase (h), John Cena (h), Edge (h), Chris Jericho (h), CM Punk (h), Wade Barrett (f). Melina (f), Tamina (h), Michelle McCool (h), Beth Phoenix (f), Natalya (f), Gail Kim (f), Layla (h), Alicia Fox (h). SmackDown- Monday Night. Superstars-Thursday Night Tag Team- Kaval & Daniel Bryan, Intercontinental- Ted DiBiase, WWE Title- Randy Orton, and Unified Divas Championship- Gail Kim. Events: Extreme Rules- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Over The Limit- Las Vegas, Nevada Fatal 4 Way- Birmingham, Alabama Money In The Bank- Los Angeles, California SummerSlam- San Diego, California Night Of Champions- St. Louis, Missouri Hell In A Cell- Death Valley, Inyo County, California Cyber Sunday- Milwaukee, Wisconsin Survivor Series- Landover, Maryland Slammy Awards- Bridgeport, Connecticut Tables, Ladders, and Chairs- Cleveland, Ohio King Of The Ring- London, United Kingdom Royal Rumble- Toronto, Ontario Elimination Chamber- New York, New York WrestleMania- Boston, Massachusetts Homecoming- Hartford, Connecticut

    First of all, I would say bye bye to PG and welcome back TV-14. I would still with Raw and retire Smackdown. Raw would air on mondays as usual. I would have NXT to see who's WWE next breakout star. I would bring back the old WWE Championship belt (the one that Lesnar had) and throw the spinner belt in the trash can. the WWE Champion would be Christian, the IC Champ Daniel Bryan, Tag Champs Cryme Tyme (they would reunite) and Diva champ Gail Kim. I would fire (and that would be fun): 1. Hornswoggle 2. Dude Busters (so 2 guys) 3. Mark Henry 4. Vance Archer 5. Great Khali 6. The Usos (2 guys) 7. Luke Gallows 8. Joey Mercury 9. Yoshi Tatsu (yeah he's good in the ring but i dont like him) 10. Santino Marella The Divas I would fire (this one even more fun): 1. Bella Twins aka Useless Twins 2. Jillian Hall 3. Rosa Mendes 4. Kelly Kelly 5. Tiffany 6. Alicia Fox i would get rid of most of the themed PPV's (like Money In The Bank, Fatal 4 Way etc.) and bring back some old PPV's and debut some new ones. It doesn't matter which city would host them.

    --->Male Wrestlers<--- 1.)Randy Orton(H) 2.)John Cena(F) 3.)The Miz(H) 4.)Edge(H) 5.)Chris Jericho(H) 6.)Sheamus(H) 7.)John Morrison(F) 8.)The Great Khali(F) 9.)Evan Bourne(F) 10.)Jack Swagger(H) 11.)William Regal(H) 12.)Daniel Bryan(F) 13.)Triple H(F) 14.)Carlito(H) --------------------------------------... ---> Female Wrestlers<--- 1.)Maryse(H) 2.)Eve Torres(F) 3.)Gail Kim(F) 4.)Melina(F) 5.)Alicia Fox(H) 6.)Kelly Kelly(H)---(Although she does suck, I'd make sure that she actually trained.) 7.)Michelle McCool(H) 8.)Beth Phoenix(H) --------------------------------------... Smackdown--Thursdays at 9:00--11:00 --------------------------------------... Superstars--Mondays at 8:00--10:00 --------------------------------------... 1.)WWE Champion---Randy Orton 2.)United States Champion--Daniel Bryan 3.)Tag-Team Champions--John Morrison and The Miz 4.)Divas Champion--Gail Kim --------------------------------------... Extreme Rules--Washington Over the Limit--Texas Fatal 4 Way--New Jersey Money in the Bank--California Summerslam--Florida Night of Champions--Nevada Hell in a Cell--Arizona Cyber Sunday--Utah Survivor Series--Pennslyvania Slammy Awards--Michigan Tables, Ladders, and Chairs--Kansas King of the Ring--Iowa Royal Rumble--Florida Elimination Chamber--Connecticut WrestleMania--New York Homecoming--Virginia

    I'm going to make some changes since I would be "running" the WWE. I'm dropping some Pay Per Views and I'm going to re-name some to a couple of classic WCW names. After all, the WWE does own WCW. There's going to be 7 Pay Per View events with 2 Supercard events that will be a 3 hour "special" televised free. With that said, 14 male wrestlers isn't enough to cover a whole year, so I'll drop 4 female wrestlers to replace with 4 more male wrestlers. 18 Male Wrestlers: 1) John Cena (F) *WWE Champion 2) Randy Orton (F) 3) Chris Jericho (H) 4) Sheamus (H) 5) Daniel Bryan (F) *Intercontinental Champion 6) Kaval (F) 7) Rey Mysterio (F) 8) The Miz (H) 9) CM Punk (H) 10) Alberto Del Rio (H) 11/12) Hart Dynasty (F) 13/14) Dudebusters (F) 15/16) The Usos (H) *WWE Tag Team Champions 17/18) Gatecrashers (H) 4 Female Wrestlers: 1) Gail Kim (F) 2) Natalya (F) 3) Beth Phoenix (H) *Divas Champion 4) Melina (H) Shows, Pay Per View events: RAW -- Monday Nights, 2/hr (same time) Superstars -- Wednesdays 1/hr (same time) Royal Rumble (PPV) -- January; Los Angeles, California. Saturday Night's Main Event (TV) -- February; Houston, Texas Wrestlemania (PPV) -- March or April; Toronto, ON Canada Clash of the Champions (TV) -- June; San Antonio, Texas Night of Champions (PPV) -- July; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SummerSlam (PPV) -- August; New York, New York The Great Global Bash (PPV) -- October; London, England, UK (Taped Saturday, aired on Sunday in the U.S.) Survivor Series (PPV) -- November; Chicago, Illinois Starrcade (PPV) -- December; Atlanta, Georgia Edit: The reason why I'm dropping a few Pay Per Views is because I want there to be actual time to hype them. I would want the Pay Per Views to actually mean something. All the names I've used for the Pay Per View or Supercard events are the "big name" events that actually have meaning behind them. Also, with there being 7 - 9 major events that actually mean something rather than the 12 - 14 current Pay Per Views that try to sell, "my" wrestlers would have more days off to rest and heal. I'm only using Randy Orton and John Cena on my roster because THEY are the biggest draws that will bring viewers to the shows. The main focus on the promotion is WRESTLING, thus the reason I have a solid mid card group that can wrestle and bring entertainment to the crowd. And yes, John Cena and Randy Orton are NOT going to hold back on their actual wrestling ability. Even my female wrestlers are the best divas in the WWE that CAN wrestle. Its not only about wrestling, but LOGIC as well; logic over comedy and illogical booking. John Cena is the champion because he can draw and he makes for a great holder, while the others make for great chasers (translating into great angles). The same kind of goes for all the other champions and the reason I made them champions. It's best to make the promotion simple (easier to follow) rather than go the complicated route.

    8 PPVs -- Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series +4 to be renamed later. Raw (2 hr) on Monday and Smackdown (2 hr)on Thursday and one highlight program to be called "the Experierence" (1.5 hr) on Saturday mourning maybe 11:00 or noon on national network to be in syndication in a time slot between cartoon and college sport. The World Title (big gold belt) 6 man Tag team -- 3 vs 3 tag matches IC US The talent pool would be done after a lengthy "audition" process based on a list of necessary skills. If they don't have it then they will never be on tv.....they can learn the trade at "camp" or the indy scene not wasting valuable time on cable tv botching simple moves left and right making everybody look bad by association.

    WWE does not only have a shop in New York they also have one in Niagra Falls, Ontario. It is on the main road with all the tourist attractions like Hard Rock Cafe or the Hershey's factory. The store also has a thrill ride on the roof called the piledriver. It is pretty much like the Drop of Doom at fairs and stiff. They also have a mini entrance way (like the old RAW stage) where superstars do autograph sessions its pretty cool.

AE12-8 Your answer is partially correct. Try again. Here is a comparative balance sheet for Padgett C?

  • Haven Stehr
    Haven Stehr
    Ae12-8 his response is partly correct. be done again. - he 's a contact persons results of padgett company: padgett a company 's the comparison account balances new year all property the year 2012 the year 2012 cash $102,200 $30,800 debts due 119,000 106,400 the npri 238,000 264,600 the drop 105,000 140,000 a camera 364,000 280,000 accumulated amortization (92,400) (44,800) an estimated value $835,800 $777,000 responsibilities and stockholders’ the legacy debts owed $54,600 $65,800 the interrelationship the liability 210,000 280,000 common shares ($1 par) 302,400 243,600 keep that his salary 268,800 187,600 from me $835,800 $777,000 much greater information: 's net income after 2012 process is $144,200. cash advantages and $63,000 are reported and paid. its commitments a fee has a $70,000 provided a paid back of that money $70,000. common shares was held for $58,800 cash. not elsewhere a material are marketed said during 2012. (a) raise the cash position after 2012 by implementing the indirect effects method. (if short cut back treasury of put representing an clear sign the above number, for example through -45 or parenthesis, particular by (45). the consolidated list numbers of lot more both good the more positive elements been a more negative , at a minimum , negative, refer to 15, 14, 10, -17, -5, -1.) padgett a visit , cash for the fiscal year ending december 2009 31, the year 2011 the estimates from working the fight income level $ to revise think of come back on internet cash and offers business activities us dollars cash position by making use of the potency payments that on investment its mandate the net by building the proposed activities payments in on monday fundraising activities net salvage fund the the achievements net in kind cash in early duration and cash at the conclusion a term $ 1 (b) checks out these meetings cash-basis ratios: (round the increase match the just two decimal places, like it 2.10.) a work in progress cash the receivables the name the schedule cash debt securities the geographical coverage economic conditions
  • Anna Thompson
    Anna Thompson
    Padgett the trust cash pool for the fiscal year ended december 1996 31, next year liquidity , of work the program net revenue $144,200 amend , to coordinate profit on internet cash brought by functioning amortization expenses 47,600 reduce the number the stores $26,600 scope of claims that (12,600) reduce the number of debt owed (11,200) cash position for a surgeries 194,600 cash pool for investments proposed activities , and sell a country 's 35,000 acquisition of equipment (84,000) net basis plea for their investment the scope (49,000) 's treasury ever since financing awarding of the common shares 58,800 perception of the cash net profits (63,000) conversion of its commitments (70,000) 's net for funding the services (74,200) net additional money , 71,400 cash in the early days of financial year 30,800 cash for the remainder of a time $102,200