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    I dont care about the crimes they commit(any overpopulated city is a haven for crime and they are not the only ones trafficking drugs) or the jobs they take(more people = more businesses =more jobs)i just want to see a graph or some statistics from real sources that are not pro nor con.please no hateful answers or anything racially offensive.i just want proof not propaganda

    The positive impact outweighs the negative by far. Illegals leaving Arizona in huge numbers??? Roflmao!!! They certainly have not, there is NO impact here because the majority haven't gone anywhere!!!

    How Does Illegal Immigration Affect The United States

    The illegal immigrants will continue to corrupt America. We allow anyone to come in here, pop out babies like machine guns, (bonus check for welfare, which means more money) and allow anyone born here to become automatic U.S. citizens. Think of the U.S. as a small jar. Think of the world as a massive glass container. The marbles represent the people...as long as you try to put more and more in from the large jar (represents the entire world), to the small jar (U.S.), eventually, it will start overflowing. That is what is happening...overpopulation is HUGE right now. The rate we are going at, we won't ever be able to build enough roads, houses, schools, hospitals, etc., the way we are growing. The economy is bashed every single year. I have no idea how much the budget is for illegals, but it has to be billions, even trillions of dollars. They come here, get free food, health care, rob from Social Security, live off of welfare. The more kids they have, the more checks they get, so why not have eight to ten kids? The financial burden is horrible...no telling how many trillions these illegals are costing us yearly. How do we stop this crisis? Well, just take the benefits away. If we didn't have all the FREE things to offer, they wouldn't be coming here. The education...HAVE ALL BOOKS Gresham Park ENGLISH. Don't let the illegals get college education...take them back to Mexico if they can't get citizenship (it's not like it's hard in the first place...it may be a long process, but not hard.) The unemployment rates will continue to rise because they come here, don't work or anything, get everything for FREE, so why should they work...they just get everything handed to them in the first place. If they get paid to sit on their butts eating burritos all day instead of working, why not? Bringing more people in to take jobs...BS! If a legal U.S. citizen needs a job bad enough, he/she will do whatever they have to do to get that extra money. If you can't handle the answer, don't ask the question.

    This is one of the oldests sites this country has that deals with the balance of it all and has testified before congress on many occassions. It has a supurb reputation in Congress. is an old line foundation with significantly more money for number crunching and the report they issued is considered definitive. source of reports from the Federal Government, the States, private business, and particularly, the investment firms that must bring bright information to the table or lose its investments. problems in the US are considered here, and it is a slam dunk negative for illegal aliens and immigration generally. We need to fix our country up.. not add more people who need welfare. A serious slam dunk for illegal aliens or any group that demands extensive welfare. A philosophy of thought in 15 or so articles by a very intelligent lady. The Feds refuse to publish any information on illegal aliens in a normal manner and so, there are no accumulations of the normal sort. This group sat down and did accumulate to present a full picture of the effects of the invasion. Supporters of La Raza..the enemy... and when you know who they are, and seek their justifications for supporting the invasion, they provide a resounding negative addition to the balance sheet. Sort of a look at the processes from a senior side of the issue. You get the impression the Feds want to lead our old folks out to the snow and turn their heat off. But it is a big negative for the invasion. Anyone interested can yahoo this question: illegal aliens. The response? 1 - 10 of about 21,800,000 for illegal aliens There are so many graphs out there is would choke a horse. Further, if you look at what the States are doing, they are doing it because they already have looked at the poof.

    Besides them being on welfare and taking away from hard working Americans when they haven't inputed a drop of sweat or money........ I really don't know. (but how many Americans are also on welfare? shall we count.. shall we bust out the numbers and say what color is on welfare the most and for how long and blah blah?) I don't claim to have the most educated answer here..... That's just my opinion.. So long as you ARE HERE not expecting a free ride.. I'm cool with you. Notice my wording..... "so long as you ARE HERE......" I didn't say "come here" cause well who cares if you came here yesterday or 5 generations ago.... the point is you're here... and what are you doing while you're here.. that's what matters..

    Look at Gresham Park before a large number of illegals left the state and Gresham Park now after they left. Gresham Park economy is better off and we didn't starve to death as pro~illegal immigration supporters predict will happen. As a matter of fact I have found no change in any service levels at any of the places I shop, eat, etc. Prices have actually dropped in some instances!

    They do take our jobs!! And not only ours but our childrens too! my sob is 16 working im Mc D's his co-workers are like 40. My wife's father is getting kicked out of his union cause someone is willing to do his job cheaper hes been there for 20+ years. Cashiers are geting paid less now upto minimum

    What past immigration has done — and what the temporary worker program will continue to do on a potentially larger scale — is to depress wages and increase the profits of the firms that employ the immigrants. The labor market effects documented in this paper suggest that the proposed temporary worker program will expose many more Americans to competition from foreign workers, will generate higher earnings losses for workers, and will lead to an even greater redistribution of wealth from labor to those who buy and use immigrant services. • By increasing the supply of labor between 1980 and 2000, immigration reduced the average annual earnings of native-born men by an estimated $1,700 or roughly 4 percent. • Among natives without a high school education, who roughly correspond to the poorest tenth of the workforce, the estimated impact was even larger, reducing their wages by 7.4 percent. • The 10 million native-born workers without a high school degree face the most competition from immigrants, as do the eight million younger natives with only a high school education and 12 million younger college graduates. • The negative effect on native-born black and Hispanic workers is significantly larger than on whites because a much larger share of minorities are in direct competition with immigrants. • The reduction in earnings occurs regardless of whether the immigrants are legal or illegal, permanent or temporary. It is the presence of additional workers that reduces wages, not their legal status. The concern over the adverse labor market effects of immigration has always played a central role in the immigration debate. This Backgrounder introduces a new approach for estimating the wage effects of immigration. The approach stresses that the labor market impact of immigration needs to be measured at the national level and exploits the fact that — even within a particular schooling group — young immigrants are more likely to compete with young native workers than they are to compete with older native workers. The study of the trends in the earnings of native workers over the 1960-2000 period indicates that immigration has indeed harmed their economic opportunities. The effect on wages, however, differs across education groups and race groups. For example, the immigrant influx that entered the country between 1980 and 2000 lowered the wage by 7.4 percent for high school dropouts, by 3.6 percent for college graduates, and by around 2 percent for both high school graduates and workers with some college. Of course, the impact is much larger for some specific experience groups within each educational category. Similarly, although this immigrant influx lowered the wages of white native workers by 3.5 percent, it lowered the wage of native-born blacks by 4.5 percent, and of native-born Hispanics by 5 percent. You can find a ton of statistics and graphs here:

    You do not need a graph. Look at the price on the gas pump.

    Well it doesn't take Einstein to see that they are a serious expense to the American taxpayers. Look at the crime rate and yes there is an expense to it. Everything they do like smuggling drugs over here to sell to littering is expensive and unfair to us. Bottom line is they come over here with that "burn the american flag" attitude at OUR expense.

What are some reasons to why my federal Pell Grant decreased?

  • Parker Wilkinson
    Parker Wilkinson
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  • Addison Crona
    Addison Crona
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