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    The answer is yes. You can donate blood for money in Arizona at 16. Many people chose to donate their blood for different reasons. Some choose to do it to help others and some do it for the money. Whatever your reason there are ways to correctly do it in your area for the maximum benefit Step 1: First of all make sure that you do not lie about any of the requirements. Some problems that may arise when donating blood are the following... * If you have recently had a surgery and are not fully recovered from it. * Certain medications that you may be on may not interact with donating blood properly. * You have a disease that may contaminate others. * Your iron level is not at a healthy amount. * You are sick with simple things like the flu, cold, sore throat, etc. * You are afraid of needles and may pass out or become sick. Step 2: If you wish to donate your blood for money, then you should check your local blood collecting places for information. Such as the American Blood Banks like the American Red Cross. Make sure that you ask if they pay for donating blood before you head to them to donate. Some are voluntary and do not pay. Step 3: The ones that do pay, often pay different according to your area. So the best way to find out the exact amount is to call the blood bank in your area and ask them. For every 1 pint of blood that you donate it saves two people. Step 4: Choosing to donate blood for money for not, it is a great way to help with research and to save lives! You should feel proud that you are a willing participant! Here are top ten reasons why donating blood is good: site below is for Arizona:

    If you have permission as a 16-year-old, than I would say that considering your physical stats, you'd be fine to donate whatever amount of blood they'd need. Just drink some OJ afterwards!!!

    No money. Most states 16 years of age.

    Lol if ur ganna donate then you wont get nothing! but if ur sellin ur blood then i have no idea. Its better to donate knowing that you could have saved a life without charging them. And you gatta be 17 in some states, it depends on ur body weight and blood pressure!

    I think you can donate at 17 not for sure tho and you don't get paid for blood plasma you can were i live you can donate plasma twice a week and get up too 300 a month but as far as blood goes i would think you couldn't get paid for it

    You have to be 17

    Call the Red Cross or Blood Bank and ask them.

    I heard its 16 Years of age in America :)

    You don't get paid for donating blood. you have to be 17. you do, however, get paid for donating plasma. you get paid $50 a month to donate plasma where i live.

    Most likely yes, if u have an Gresham Park i think like 20 bucks.. not sure???

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