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    When my hubby died last year we had a credit score of almost 800. Just him dying shot it down to 690 (I know 690 is still good, but I didn't do anything wrong to lose 100 points. So now I am just pissed at the FICO system and I kind of object to it now). He left me with no insurance. My income is about 1/3 of what it would have been together. The problem is he left me with all this debt, only I have less income to pay it off with. Im only 26, In college (free for me as a vet) and I am basically only going to go to college to buy time because IDK what I want to do when I graduate. I live on a teeny bit of Social Security for widows and orphans (we have 2 kids) and a teeny bit of rent from the mobile home I rent out (on land I inherited free and clear). the debt is about half my income now and that is only for a year because I told my creditors to reduce my payments because now that my hubby is gone I cannot afford to live. So they reduced everything to 3% interest for A YEAR and split the payments to almost half. when the year is up than I suppose the debt would be 3/4 my income. I could call to renew it another year they said. ITs not fair because I already paid off my half of the debt (my late husband and I were kind of taking turns as far as being the breadwinner) and then he goes and dies when it is his turn! (I mean on top of just the grief and missing him) The debt is a personal loan from improving our land and also credit card debt (also to improve the land but we were about to refi to lower interest home equity but since he died I no longer qualify for the refi -__- just when I need it the most) and the car I had to refi that to save monthly debt so I have 7 years on it. I couldnt sell it because it was upside down, believe me I tried. Nothing will sell. Not even my property for what its worth because of the stupid recession (Which I think gave my hubby the heart attack in the first place) Anyways I reconnected with an old (veteran) colleague on facebook and we hit it off romantically and its pretty obvious that he wants to marry me. But I don't want to swamp him with my debts. I know how that feels and it sucks! He has no debt. Although having the income high enough to qualify to for the home equity would be nice for me. Gah. DO we have to wait the 7 years for it all to be paid off to be fair? This will be difficult as I will not cohabitate with someone I am not married to, Especially with my girls. THis is not how I planned to raise them. They were supposed to see a loving husband and wife. Not shacking up. SO I won't be doing that either. Im just so pissed about my finances right now. I wasn't the money manager in my family so I am super stressed out. He says my debts are fine and I can pay them off but I really dont want to see my interest rates climb from the temporarily low ones as they are now. I don't think he fully grasps the severity when he says it will be Griffin so cavelierly. How is it going to be OK? What am I supposed to do for the future of my relationship with my boyfreind? I want to do right by him. I wouldn't wish this feeling on him (or anyone I know). :(

    Sorry Savannah, maybe I put the Q in the wrong topic. Its been over 7 months. We were building a great life together and now it is shot. The question was a money question and not a love one. Perhaps you would like to see my book of love poems to my late husband since your so interested? Griffin mayhaps the greif ones when my heart was ripped apart? Or maybe the over 260 emails I have saved of our correspondence. Or maybe the photobooks? Wuld you like to unwrap the air tight plastic bags with his clothes and smell him everynight before bed? NO? Not that interested in a complete stranger? than quit judgeing me. You don't get it. You couldn't possibly. God I wish this wasn't about money. Its used to be just about love. But now I love a deceased person. And how can I love again when I am strapped down like this? I have actual tangible problems now on top of the emotional ones, This is question about the future. Sorry to dissapoint.

    I can't get a mortgage on $1300 income a month OK? They won't count my GI Bill income since its only for 4 years (as if employment even guarantees 4 years anymore) Dont think I havent tried mortgage and home equity. They wont do it. I filled out the apps and they won't do it. They said that its considered predatory to lend to me because I don't look good for the money on paper, so they would just get the land if I default. I know I wont default. A home equity loan would only cost me like $350 and right now I am paying $647 so I dont understand whatmakes the banks think I CAN'T afford $350 when I have clearly been paying at total of $647 all by myself. Thats $300 less dollars a month. IDK what makes them think I would default. I HAD a great credit score and its still pretty good.. What makes them think I don't want or need $300 more dollars a month? So yeah Ive tried a mortgage. They are being jerks. They don't want my business anymore.

    It can take years to pay off debt...make a plan and stick to it. That's the responsible thing to do.

    Oh shut up! You OWN land. Take out a mortgage on your land and pay off the high interest loans and credit card debt. Marry the man who loves you and quit trying to be a martyr.

    Talk to a lawyer about filing bankruptcy - before you marry again.

    You seem like a *****! Your not conerned about your Husband dying...Your more concerende about what he left you with and moving on!

    No it won't, but that caboose your sporting certainly does.