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    I bought a malti poo puppy on the 17th. Something about the deal didn't seem right. She was a beautiful and very well loved little thing in our home. Late on the 20th she started to act funny. The morning of the 21st I took her to the Animal hospital to have her checked out. She had a strong positive for parvo with a high white count and extremely low blood sugar. At 17 ounces her chances were not good and we had to make the horribly hard decision to put her down. I can't explain how emotionally draining it is to have to end the life of a beautiful 6 wk old puppy. There really aren't any words for it. Just a lot of tears. A lot of them. I informed the "breeder" that she had parvo and that likely meant the other puppies had it also. Supposedly they had sold all the puppies before I found out this dog was ill. Now he's saying he has 2 from the litter and they're healthy and happy puppies. This morning he also said he took them to a vet to get checked out. It's Sunday, nothing is open for an appt. it's all emergency care. I don't believe a word of it. He says he is going to refund my purchase price, I didn't ask for a refund of the vet bills. I'm not sure if I believe him or not. His story and attitude is changing too much for my liking. He said he doesn't have parvo in his house and I must have taken her somewhere. Well, don't know where I would take a 17 ounce puppy, it's not like she can frolic in the grass at a park. Also, I'm not an idiot and would never put a puppy in that position, especially one as tiny as that. I had to tell him that parvo doesn't show signs until 7-14 days after infection takes place. It's highly unlikely that she contracted parvo, started showing symptoms and had a very strong test result in a matter of 4 days. I told him my house was built by us and has never had another dog in it besides the one I've owned for 10 years who has never contracted parvo. We've never had other dogs through this house. I'd like to know what the recourse for this is, as I do not really believe he is going to refund my money.

    Pam, it's impossible for the breeder to be telling the truth. You need to read the questions, understand what parvo is, how it works and how long it is till symptoms show up from contraction of the virus. The vet wasn't wrong. A full CBC was done with a parvo test that showed a STRONG positive immediately upon touching the test strip. SuperV, read above answer to pam. Unfortunately it wasn't just a case of low glucose, which I know is completely normal with toy breeds. I wish that was the case :( Purposeless Ghost... - Ignorant! Why would I come on here asking about them. And I don't need you to feel sorry for me, the puppy that was only able to live 6 short weeks is the one people should feel sorry for. Everyone else, thank you for your answers. It was definitely a hard lesson learned. It's just sad that it had to cost the life of a puppy. I guess in a way it's better because I doubt the owner would have done the humane thing. He told me they have "stuff to treat parvo puppies"...

    Don't speak to the breeder any more - just document EVERYTHING you paid for, and the content, time and date of every conversation and meeting you have had with him. Then send a copy with a letter of explanation to the State Vet as well as the Better Business Bureau and your state's attorney general. Either the state vet's office or the attorney general can explain to you the law in your state - which you may also find online under the Dept of Agriculture (laws pertaining to selling ...). You may or may not see your money back, but you will certainly get this guy in a heap of trouble. Also, make sure you notify the AKC as well. For now, keep in mind that parvo is a really bad disease that can live in soil for over a year - And that anyone who would allow a 6 week old puppy to leave its mother - especially a toy breed- is NOT who you want a puppy from.

    A dog does not show symptom of parvo that soon after exposure. It takes way more than three days for the symptoms to show. Normally close to 5-10 days. It's not likely that the pup caught parvo as quickly as it did while under your care. But you know what - I know this is going to sound harsh but you set yourself up for this. You went to an irresponsible breeder that allowed the pups to leave their mother and litter mates too early, that didn't vaccinate the puppies apparently, and that didn't offer a 72 hour health guarantee. Good breeders would have done this. I think you're lucky to be getting a refund for the price of the pup. If you didn't have a contract stating specifically what would happen in this type of circumstance, which is sounds like you didn't have, this breeder could easily walk away with that money too. It's an expensive and heart breaking lesson for you. The thing to take away from this is the importance of finding a responsible breeder and reading the purchase contract before taking a puppy home. I'm not completely wiout compassion though. I feel for you and your family for having to go through this, but sometimes life's lessons don't come easy.

    I hate to tell you this as it is too late, but you never should have had the pup put down. Very small pups like that are very very prone to low blood sugar which has nothing to do with parvo. I think it was your vet's mistake and bad treatment. That said, the breeder should never have sold you a 6 wk pup. Small breeds need to stay with the momma until at least 8 weeks minimum. Your recourse is small claims court, but he isn't responsible for your bills if he can show that the other pups didn't get it. However, based on what I know, and I dealt with chihuahuas and other small pups for a long time, you probably did not have a true case of parvo. The low blood sugar is the give away. You said pup acted funny.. was there massive vomiting and diarrhea? If not, then your pup had a glucose crisis common with the super minis and could have been brought back.

    If you have no contract with him you probably won't get anything. But you can scare him into it, first off the law says you are to sell a pup to a new onwner no younger than eight weeks, you get her at 6 weeks, and they should have had 1 set of shots at that age it goes 6 weeks 10 weeks and then 14 weeks those are all the distemper parvo combo's and he probably did not do that if he did he should have given you a paper from the vet unless he did his own shots he shoud have given you a paper with the brand of distemper it should have the date when given then the sticker off the jar. and since it happened within 3 days of the purchase it did not pick up parvo from anywhere but his home. I am guessing he has alot of dogs(puppy mill) I would get a copy of the vet information with the vet saying the dog definatly had parvo and the geststion of the parvo viris to prove she got it in his home the other puppies might have it or trey might not you won't know he will not tell you the truth aand you tell him you met somebody who bought a pup from him who also get parvo and that dog is in the vet hospital right now trying to get better, he won't know. He will then have to be told that he either refunds the $ or you will take him to court you already have a lawyer involved, (he won't know if you really do or not ) if he asks who tell him you will find out when I send you a summons.

    I don't know that there are laws anywhere specifically citing parvo or any other illness. Puppy buyers are covered by the Uniform Commercial Code everywhere, which states that a pup must be fit for sale at the time of purchase, even where individual states haven't adopted their own puppy lemon laws. If based on the incubation period, your pup had parvo when purchased, then you should be able to recover the purchase price of the pup, and possibly vet fees as well

    If you got the pup on the 17 & she tested positive on the 21, the pup had parvo b/f you got her! The time period they come in contact with parvo is about 14 days! The breeder is at fault this time. Did he give you a health guarantee? If so, he has to pay for the dog & the vet bills. Some ppl just should not breed dogs!!

    First things first I am so sorry for your lost I really am!! The breeder should of never let that pup go so early. Griffin I am going to mention something that happen to me with my new puppy when I brought him home this might make you feel even worse but it is true. My pup was really sick so I took him to the vet in my town, the vet gave me medicine and the next day which was Sunday, he had gotten worse. I took him to the local Animal Hospital the next day because it was Sunday and the other vet was not open on Sundays.. The first vet was totally wrong and gave me the wrong medicine that would have eventually killed him. He is 3 yrs old now and you would never know he was close to death. I am so sorry to say this but the breeder has to be telling you the truth its his license that is in jeopardy. I am sorry but I believe the breeder and I believe you should of gotten a second vet. Again I am so sorry for your loss..

    Chances are there was nothing said in the contract about refunds or exchanges. No contract means you are probably out of luck. I wish this wasn't the case. If this wasn't the case, there would be way less puppy mills and back yard breeders due to they'd have to be responsible for what happens. Anyone who would sell a mutt puppy to make a profit is what we call a back yard breeder, or puppy mill if done on a large scale. Live and learn.

    He bred for money, as simple as that. you feel victim of looking a cute puppy and buying it without looking at the conditions, the reason to breed. There isn't really alot you can do about it because you already bought the dog. Why did you buy a not even 6 week old puppy? They should never be seperated from their mother until they are 8 weeks. Again shows how little the breeder knew about breeding dogs and the fact that he was in it for the money.

    Why did you buy a six week old puppy- and a mutt at that? Irresponsible breeders breed mutts, and sell them to people at much too young of an age. I doubt his kennel and home were as clean as they should have been. You could take him to court, but the blame may lie on you, depending on what you signed- responsible breeders provide health contracts that stipulate this sort of thing- that puppy wasn't even old enough to finish it's shots!

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    Kimberly Prohaska
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    Aleen Marks
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