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    Part of the law lets people sue local law enforcement (but not state law enforcement) for NOT enforcing the law. The mayor of Phoenix is THRILLED about that.

    He does prefer to guard US voters, exceedingly their 4th modification rights. i know you imagine Constitutional rights in undemanding words prepare to white human beings, yet wager what? That ain't real! The President is likewise sensible adequate to do not forget that this regulation of Arizona's will accomplish no longer something except the harassment of people. The illegals should not be inconvenienced any more beneficial than they're as we communicate. How a lot are you prepared for the rustic to pay to deliver them decrease back in the course of the border, in undemanding words to have them go back the subsequent day or week or month? in case you want to end unlawful immigration there are 2 things you would possibly want to do, and the truth that that's enormous business enterprise that opposes those 2 issues is why immigration issues is not solved in this us of a. American organizations might want to be required to apply Everify even as hiring or fined out of existence. And the alcohol foyer and penal complex foyer might want to lose their lengthy-operating conflict to save drugs unlawful. Now, you basically save pretending that Obama's help or non-help will make a distinction. you could fake an same aspect about the Griffin regulation.

    No it is not true and many of the local governments are mad that the governor for imposing a unfunded mandate on them. The state of Arizona has budget deficit of more than $3 billion.

    No. The new law won't require much money. The law allows private citizens to sue police departments for not complying with the law. Basically, local police will have to enforce the law with their current levels of funding. Besides, it doesn't cost much to say, "Let me see proof you are in this country legally."

    No, that is not true. Neither is it true that it has unlimited monies to pay for the social programs that the illegals use, schools they occupy or for the crimes they commit.

    Yes, didn't you hear? The money tree season in Griffin has just begun. It's the most bountiful harvest that they've ever had! It shows no signs of drying up either!

    Unlimited money? No you are thinking of the federal government.

    Each illegal sent back to Mexico will save Arizona a lot of money.

    Yes, they would never ask folks in the rest of the country to pay for their silly hysteria

    It would have to cost more than a billion dollars a year to cost more than illegal aliens already cost us.

Will this only get worse?

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