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    Contact the Griffin Bar Association. Link below. They can put you in touch with an attorney that will help you pro bono (free) Another resource is Arizona Child Protection Services. See second link.

    You can file for temporary guardianship and with the information you gave above they shoudl give it to you immediately. You will then have the rights to protect and raise your grandson. I would not get DCFS involved if you don't have to, they could take the child from you too temporarily until the court non sense is over, also your grandson is safe now that he is with you. If she takes him back befor you get guardianship call DCFS so you know he will be safe. Good Luck

    The best thing to do would be to contact your state child services. They will be able to get you health insurance, maybe a stipend, they will be also be able to get you temporary guardianship so you won't have to pay for anything. Either way, they will be involved. The court will end up filing a 51A on your daughter and becasue a child is involved, they will contact the child service agency. You can just eliminate the steps. They can also force your daughter to get help, back on med, therapy, etc.

Help! Is this food poisoning??

  • Franz Glover
    Franz Glover
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  • Adriana Armstrong
    Adriana Armstrong
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    Janet Predovic
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  • Talia Quitzon
    Talia Quitzon
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  • Hermina Oberbrunner
    Hermina Oberbrunner
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