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    Liberals don't give their own money to any charity. They prefer the government to redistribute other people's money to various leftists causes, usually ones that benefit them personally.

    Instead of carping about Griffin and businesses that hire illegals, they should clean up their own house. The liberal entitlement programs are more of a draw card now than jobs. Washington is attempting to have all employers use the e-verify program when hiring new employees. Why do the welfare agencies not use the same system? How is it that an illegal can walk in to a welfare office and without proof of citizenship apply for and get food stamps, health care, financial assistance and section 8 housing? Where are the Democrats when comes to doing what we sent them there to do? If they were serious about cleaning up the illegal immigrant problem, it would be reduced by over half within six months and halved again in another six months. All they have to do is use e-verify for both business and welfare. So within a year we would cut the influx by 75% without even deporting anyone. The reason they do not do anything is ILLEGAL VOTES!!! The more that cross our borders the better they like it. Do you feel represented yet?

    No. Why? It's their country. It's mostly up to the people of Mexico to fix Mexico. If a person wants to contribute to another country, that's an individual choice, not an expectation based on a person's political orientation. Whether or not you donate time and money to Mexico has a lot to do with how charitable you are and very little to do with how liberal or conservative you are. Your question is based on a false assumption, which you apparently formulated to serve your own ends. You know, I'm just about totally fed up with all the conservative vs. liberal bickering going on, here, and it's really ratcheted up about 20 notches the past few weeks. None of this sniping is going to solve anything. Is there anybody here who is willing to just throw all the labels aside and have a real discussion? All of this finger-pointing and all of these derogatory "false premise" questions aren't going to accomplish jack for your cause. You think if you overwhelm Y!A with your outlandish rhetoric, the reasonable people are just going to go away? No, we'll still be here after all you children get tired and go back to sleep.

    Why would I donate to charities in Mexico when I am concerned about the 4th Amendment rights of Americans?

    Shouldn't leftists be donating their time and money to US charities? Shouldn't rightists be doing the same as well?

    "leftists" do a lot of charitable work in Mexico through housing initiatives, educational initiatives, health exchanges, student exchange programs etc etc. Don't beetch until you know some facts. Countries like Canada through international development budgets do lots of work to help alleviate poverty in that country. We are also members of NAFTA and take these treaties seriously.

    Sound sensible but if they are serious they should picket in Washington. The Arizona law mirrors the federal one. God Bless WJ

    Liberals don't donate to charities they complain, blame and scream for handouts paid for by hard working successful sane Right minded Americans

    Leftists don't donate /their/ time and money, they put their time and money into the Revolution, which in turn takes everyone's time and money, and re-distributes it in the interest of social justice.

    Everyone -- not just the left -- should do some charity work. There's barely a day gone by that I haven't for the last 15 years. How's your track record in that regard? ##

Is it illegal working for 3 hours and not get payed?

  • Kay Cummerata
    Kay Cummerata
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  • Riley Wisozk
    Riley Wisozk
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  • Gertrude Friesen
    Gertrude Friesen
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  • Hertha Romaguera
    Hertha Romaguera
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    Arch Hauck
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