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    Why? Is this a person you knew before they were sent to prison, or is this some internet romance? It is a publicized fact that at various prisons where internet access is allowed for inmates that they try to scam people, so beware. If you still want to send money to an inmate I'd suggest contacting the Griffin prison commission.

    You can give prisoners money on their 'books'. That is you make a payment to the prison on behalf of the inmate, and that prisoner will be able to purchase goods from the little snack shop within the prison. I dont think you can send gifts, but in california I have sent my friends magazines, and letters are okay as well. You cannot send metal objects, or anything that can be fashioned into a weapon. You also cant send any drugs - dur :)

    Hello . we here in nebraska send money to our men in prison this way: buy a money order from the post office, this is the money order they require. the amount is best at nothing over $400. fill it out with inmates name and prison number. the address of the prison, city, state, and zip code. there will be a place for memo .put for stores,or canteen or money on books. fill out area with who purchased the money order. your name, address, city,state,zip code. cash or checks will not be accepted. but i suggest you call the florence arizona state prison to check. or go on line by brining up the said prison, then go to inmate rules on visits and such ...good look to you and your person behind the wall.....[a mother waits]

    Verifying criminal record database can really helps to find your required data online. It wont takes more than a few seconds to show any record you need. Moreover its an easy way to find out if someone has a criminal record. Reports key features includes : Arrest & convictions Felonies & misdemeanor Sex offenders Mug shots Criminal driving infractions Court and probation records And lot more. Visit Here : Confidential & Super Fast Results!

    There shouild be no reason a inmate needs money in prison and in prison, money is actually considered contraband and there are laws against it. Think about this

    Not sure if its the same, but a person i work with has her boyfriend in jail. She sent him money through a money order. Call the prison and ask about it.

    A 2005 commisary price list actual prison website is

    Here you will find an answer Kind regards,

    What for, let the bum rot where he's at


Full time college student: should I invest in something?

  • Rylan Russel
    Rylan Russel
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  • Ethel Smitham
    Ethel Smitham
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    Elza Connelly
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    June Hansen
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    Betty Carroll
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    Gerry McCullough
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