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    Shouldn't he be using this money instead to hiring more border patrol officers or building a more continuous wall on the border? As Hotsheet reported yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a television interview in Ecuador this month that the Obama Justice Department "will be bringing a lawsuit" against the controversial Arizona immigration measure signed into law earlier this year.

    Funny that Hillary had to spell the beans, it says a lot about Obama's character, that he could not tell the people himself! Well he is the master of backroom deals, and here is just another one! I saw a Vid on a Canadian TV program, where someone had captured a flow of Illegals coming into the country, and that was just one day, seemed to be about 100 or so guys, and some had guns,.and loaded backpacks,..wonder what was in those packs! Funny you don't see that on US TV,.. remember Obama before he was elected, those speeches how he was going to take care of our border?

    He, as President, and the Department of Justice, are doing exactly what is supposed to be done. Protecting and upholding the Constitution of America, not what is popular with a certain segment of the population. Too many Americans are clueless when it comes to knowing what it means to be an American. Popularity, dominance, and or majority rule are not the way this country is run. America is a country of law. Law, get it?

    Oh, yes, since the cost of the Justice Department employees doing their job is EXACTLY the same amount as it would cost to hire thousands of border patrol officers or build a border wall (currently determined to be about $2 billion).

    Wasting money. It's what politicians do. A wall won't do anything, I think it's a ridiculous and childish idea. I'll tell you what will do something; if companies are sued or even shut down for hiring illegal immigrants. Not paying them one red cent. If they can't work here, why would they come here? The following policy is enforced in every other country in the world regarding illegal immigrants: 1.] Jail them 2.] Deport them 3.] Shoot them on sight. I support *that* policy. We can't continue to fund more and more of the millions of illegal immigrants, costing us billions and billions of dollars.

    Hillary opened her big mouth and spouted garbage that has nothing to do with her job as secretary of state. She should keep her pie hole shut on the issue to begin with. As for a lawsuit, I wouldn't be surprised because Obama and the liberals could care less what the general public thinks.

    The issue gets into the arena of States Rights and what the Constitution gave to the central government and what was set aside as the responsibility of the states. This could end up as the first real challenge to Obama's ideas of expansion of the Federal Government into things set aside as State's Rights and individual freedoms.

    Since when has Obama been concerned about our money? You are right on and I agree whole heartedly. He has no common sense, no willingness to protect or compromise with the citizens of this country. Hillary is hillarious the way she spilled the beans and put Obama in the hot seat. LMAO! Keeping your enemies closer isn't working for ya, huh, Obama?!

    The same as he wasted 21 lawyers and almost $ I million in taxpayers money, so he did not have to show his long form Birth Certifate, it is still an ongoing court issue, !

    Because he's either unaware of HIS Constitutional DUTIES, which is embarrassing enough, Hampton he hates America, just as much as his buddy Rev."God Damn America" Wright!! Or BOTH. Ya think!? See, I TOLD you SO!!! Truth boggles the Liberal mind. BTW- tonalc2, is a COWARD who will send you a message, then block you, so you cannot respond to his COWARDLY drivel.

    Because that is what socialist democrats do..... ignore the majority of the public and shove thru laws that will destroy the Federal Republic of the United States of America

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    Elvis Funk
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    Mathias Klocko
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