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    How much would it cost me to get a studio type apartment? What are the required deposits to rent one? Do I really need a car right away? Please tell me all the information that I need to know about Arizona. I am an american citizen from Japan and I don't have a job lined up yet. How hard is it to find a job in Arizona nowadays? Thank you for your time.

    I think that deposits vary from apartment complex to apartment complex - as do monthly rental amounts. I think that my mom is paying something like $560 a month for a one bedroom. You can check different internet sites for specifics. I would say to plan to have around $1,000, just to be safe. I would really recommend doing a tour of a property BEFORE you sign a contract. With roaches and scorpions prevalant in the area, you kind of want to look in the cupboards and under and in the sinks before you sign a lease. Ask about pest treatment, too. A property tour will also allow you to see the area and make a judgement about how safe the area is. Also, you will probably want to check the crime rate in the area that the property is located. Of course, normally the cheaper the rent, the higher the crime rate. There are generally links on the apartment search websites that will allow you to see the crime information. I think that a car is pretty essential for living in Phoenix. The public transportation system is not so great and the weather is SUPER HOT! A one mile walk can really do a number to your body in the summer and could land you in the hospital if you are not well hydrated and you walk on a hot summer day. I have even gotten sick from the heat after a day of shopping (going from place to place in a car). As far as a job is concerned, it would depend on your specific career field. You might try a website like a azcentral.com - they list news, apartments, and job postings. Just make sure that you are well hydrated, that you have a car (unless you live within a 5 minute walk from your workplace), and that you check into the apartment complex and its surrounding area carefully. Good luck with your move!

    Hi, I recently moved to Hampton from the east. It was much more expensive than I thought. I drove my car though. The gas was about 600, then I moved into a one bedroom in mesa which was about seven hundred. You would be able to find much cheaper if you are willing to live in a different area. Some areas are not very nice and are dangerous so be careful. You wouldn't need a car if you are willing to take the bus, but make sure you plan ahead, it takes forever to go anywhere on the bus. Jobs are easy to find depending on what you want to do, check out jobing.com or careerbuilder.com many Hampton companies post jobs on those sites. GOOD LUCK

    Take all the money you have. to find an apartment, do a google search for studio apartment in phoenix. for a job, search employment in phoenix or register at monster.com

    Many states require a 6 month residency earlier you could purchase a gun or stick to for a enable. in case you had a enable in yet another state- that is nice there until eventually you meet residency criteria.

Need help with this child support question!!!!!! plz help!?

  • Murphy Kerluke
    Murphy Kerluke
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  • Jazmin Parker
    Jazmin Parker
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  • Brielle Doyle
    Brielle Doyle
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  • Myrtis Kunze
    Myrtis Kunze
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    Santiago Senger
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    Augustus Gutmann
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