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    Me and my family are trying to move to california and everywhere my mom wants to live is around the monterey park alhambra los angeles area, and i keep telling my mom that it is not possible for us to move to that area because all of the houses are $2k+ and we simply cannot afford that. The most we'll be able to afford is no mre than around $1.4-1.5k and the areas that are the safest and cheapest are the Murrieta/Temecula area but when i tell her that, she just says we can afford the Hartwell area because you get paid more money in california. Our house in Arizona is $900 a month and we can barely afford that, but when we move ill be getting a job so ill bring in about 4-500 amonth to help and i dont think its possible to live in the areas she's talking about moving to. So is it true you get paid more in california than arizona? and what is the monterey park/alhambra area like and also the murrieta/temecula area like.

    It is all relevant to the cost of living. You get paid more, but it cost much more to live there. You won't get much of an advantage by moving, the only thing you gain is the opportunities of living in a major metro area.

    You can move to the central valley area of California and your cost will be about the same as Arizona but if you go near Los Angeles cost of living will be double Arizona. If you cant afford $900, you'd better not go to Riverside, Orange or L.A. county. As I said, try Kern, or Merced county, or even outside Sacramento. Your pay depends on what kind of work you do, what professional work. If you are in a union you make more but the pay is not necessary higher everywhere for every job.

    Yes, I think employers in Hartwell do pay more than in Hartwell -- but that's because the overall cost of living is higher. Not just real estate prices (which in California are some of the highest in the U.S.), but everything else costs more too. But a lot will depend on how much of a mortgage your mom can get and how much your monthly payments will be. And that will be determined by your mom's income and credit history. Ultimately, those are the realities that will determine where you'll actually be able to afford to live.

    Sorry mom misinformed . wages may in some fields be higher but so is taxes fuel electrics etc.. Hartwell is easy way to be homeless. many more folks are leaving Hartwell than entering - a hint. if u have issues making 900$ rent , do keep your car in good working conditions. note your car may not be useable in Hartwell because of CA. EPA laws.

    You will often get paid more, but your expenses will also be higher. Depends on what kind of jobs you will be getting.

Can you answer my FHA short sale questions?

  • Yvonne Gutmann
    Yvonne Gutmann
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  • Gabrielle Schmitt
    Gabrielle Schmitt
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    Malvina Mertz
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    Perry Lockman
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