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    It is hard to say without knowing more details. You can get a free copy of your credit report from the governments website at: Once you have your credit report from all 3 credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax Transunion), you can write letters to dispute things. The addresses to write letters to in order to dispute items on your credit report: Transunion PO Box 2000 Chester, Hinesville 19022 Equifax PO Box 105314 Atlanta, Hinesville 30348 Experian PO Box 9701 Allen, Hinesville 75013 Always send letters via certified mail with return receipt and be sure to save a copy and staple all the receipts to the copy of the letter, especially the return receipt card. Also, here is a great website that offers credit clean-up information from Howard Clark who is a respected financial guru; is a government consumer website for complaining about harassment from collection companies. You can also complain about the credit reporting agencies if they fail to fix erroneous information on your credit report. They actually contact the agency and go to work for you;

    Almost sure that you might find all financial solution at= RE Can I get a loan with a 526 credit score? I want to buy a house but my credit score is low 526 I have my eye in a house that its 150k and I have about 6000 for down payment. Im at Orlando Fl and need to know if it could be more

    Sorry, but a 526 isn't even close to what you need for approval. Your down payment is also not enough. Talk to a mortgage lender or do a no-cost pre-application. That way you'll get the straight story instead of a bunch of nitwits on Yahoo Answers. Also, in Florida, there are builders that will be more lenient with their lending, so if you have any major developments in the area that are being built, go see a model and talk to one of the sales people.

    For Credit and finance solutions I visit this site where you can find all the solutions. :Can I get a loan with a 526 credit score? I want to buy a house but my credit score is low 526 I have my eye in a house that its 150k and I have about 6000 for down payment. Im at Orlando Fl and need to know if it could be possible. thanks Follow 8 answers

    Probably. thats not a bad score. theres alot to consider other than the score though, one or two incomes? what is the income? what job and time at it? cosigner? you shouldnt have a problem. one thing though with that score. if you inquire frequently into your credit, that looks bad or if you apply for loans from multiple places. you can call any bank or mortgage comp. and ask them to pre-qualify you for a mortgage. they will tell you an estimated amount based on the info they give you. then from there you know what to look into for a house and then take it from there. the interest rates are not so great right now and you may get a higher one, since the credit score isnt on the top of the scale(which makes no sense to then charge you more, i cant figure that one out). call someone and see, its worth a try, its not going to hurt any just to find out what your approved for. although sometimes they approve you for more than you really can get, and usually they approve you for much much more than you really would want. it all sounds good on paper, but in reality you would end up screwed and basically be married to your house. that kind of happened to us, so be careful dont get carried away.

    You aren't ready to buy anything. Wait until you have saved a much larger down payment and your credit score improves. Six thousand isn't enough for a down payment and don't forget all the other cost of buying like closing cost and moving cost. When moving you also find you want things like window coverings and yard equipment like outdoor garbage can, garden hose, lawn mower. You will spend $200 a week at the hardware store the first couple of months for things you didn't even know you wanted like mole traps.

    You need a score of at least 640 to qualify for any type of financing plus you have to put down at 15%

    No bank will lend to you you must pay off all those collection companies showing up on your reports first.