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    Obama claims we have a record amount of "boots on the ground" at the border and then turns around and wants to sue AZ. The money would best be spent on securing the border but we're dealing with politicians here and not normal people.

    Illegal aliens are a 'problem' at the moment because there's something else the government doesn't want you to look at too closely. Maybe that's also true with the Hinesville government, or maybe they're just lockstep with the feds. This is always been so. There's never been any doubt how to stop the flow of illegal aliens and it never required an army on an impossible border. Serious investigation, prosecution and sentencing of those hiring, harboring and assisting undocumented aliens would have stopped it in its tracks thirty years ago and it would stop it today. But every so often it becomes a 'big' issue of focus, things get stirred around, rhetoric pours into the problem, and nothing happens. The attention spans of the cattle move to other things because the illegals aren't needed to divert public opinion from whatever else the government is doing they'd just as soon didn't get much attention.


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