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    I agree totally with what Arizona is doing. I for one cannot understand the opposing viewpoint. Why do people in our country illegally have so many rights but the citizens have few? If people knew what came up to this perhaps they would not be so opposed. Illegal immigrants sued Arizona because their friends and family members died while crossing the desert. Arizona residents have to have tax money pay for these lawsuits. What about illegal immigrants follow the legal options or stay home? Illegal immigrants sued Arizona for watering stations in the desert so they would not die and Arizona had to comply. Arizona residents have their tax money to pay for these lawsuits of people who are not in the country legally. A few years ago, an opponent challenged the outcome of an election and it proved that 33% of the votes in that district were made by illegal immigrants. Why are illegal immigrants allowed to vote in this country? Why do Arizona residents have to pay tax money to clean up all these messes. When Arizona passed a law that voters had to take their birth certificate or papers to prove citizenship, the only complainers were the illegal immigrants. If a million people enter a country illegally it is usually called an Invasion, but not in the US any more. Everyone thinks these people here illegally have to have rights, I disagree!!! And don't think the voting fraud was just in Arizona. I would be the same things is being done all over the country. When is enough enough. And why did Mexico's president claim foul? Why didn't he demand all his citizens in a different country illegally return at once?

    I am a Liberal progressive third generation American of mostly Mexican descent. I support the Arizona immigration law but I am somewhat concerned about equal enforcement. I know that there are undocumented (aka illegal) residents from all nationalities (I've worked with Russian, Armenian, African, Central American, and even British illegals) and that they pay taxes and all but, by their presence, certainly do depress wages for the working folks. Something has to be done about illegal immigration and the Feds have dropped the ball on this over the past 25+ years. Employers want the cheap labor and some politicians want the votes (from US citizens who also want lax immigration enforcement). Things have to change and if this Jackson law is the catalyst, that's a good thing. Like I said b4, I've seen the danger of unequal enforcement when about 20 years ago my family was flying from south Texas (HRL) back home to the Chicago area. One of the Border Patrol agents asked my sister if she was a US citizen and she replied in the affirmative but was quite incensed and upset so she politely asked him to question everyone in that area, including the White non-Hispanics. He did. He was also doing his job but I see how some people wll see this as a much too common occurrence in AZ. Something should be done soon though about securing our borders and ENFORCING our laws while upholding the Constitution and not resorting to ethnic profiling.

    I am a Democrat and I live in Kansas with my husband who is from Brazil. If we had to pay thousands of dollars (about $9,000 to be exact) and used many days in immigration offices, then so should they. As an American citizen, my family deserve the best because we are following the law. I say it is time we as Americans stop growing fear of turning in these illegals. Just think if it were the other way around they would do the same to us. I am for getting all of them out no matter what country they come from. Weather it be Mexico, Italy, China, India, Nigeria, London, etc... It is time to take this country back or I fear Global Warming might not be the worst of our worries. I just don't understand why we are closet supporters of getting rid of these criminals. Say it loud "We want them out and we are proud". My worst fear is them running to the my states because the others are getting too crowded.

    I wholeheartedly support the law. No country should allow illegal immigration. How many have we got? more than 10 million. That's outrageous! It's not about whether they are good people or not, everyone should come to this country via legal means. Illegals are running wild in this country and let's admit it, quite a few of them are pretty bad people.

    There is nothing to agree or disagree about. There is a reason why they are ILLEGAL, and I think it might have something to do with the fact that they're ILLEGAL. EVERY American citizen in this country has to abide by the laws that are passed. The fact that illegal citizens are able to picket and protest in the streets shows that our country has really dropped the ball here. Send them back, not because they are mexican or any other nationality, but because they are ILLEGALLY HERE. And what is the big deal about asking people for identification/papers. I live in new york and there have been times when me or my friends have gotten pulled over and the police asked passengers in the car for id. Asking for identification is only a problem if the person asked has something to hide.

    I am totally with arizona on this, whats the key to illegal immigrants? ILLEGAL, as in not allowed. is stealing illegal? i rest my case. oh and to another point, in california illegal immigrants can get state benefits, food card and things like that i heard, and if thats true that a damn shame.

    I totally agree. The drugs, kidnappings, murders and other crimes are devastating the economy. This is only a part of the problem. What about all the taxes Americans & and Legal immigrants paying in taxes to allow them access to the court system, prison population and all the other benefits they are receiving. Obama said this morning that Congress cannot address this because they need to be working 'Cap & Tax". He also stated that Congress should not be getting into controversial legislature at this time. (Maybe after the November election).

    I'm a Reagan Democrat. I'm with the republicans that are Not in favor of this new law. find it Extremely ironic that I'm with karl rove (a man I loath) on this issue.

    I am a Democrat and even though I do have concerns about the law at the end of the day I think it was something that Arizona had to do. I do hope that they are careful not to profile people simply because they are Hispanic..

    Democrats are split about evenly on Arizona law. Those who support the law are the smart half, they understand that illegal immigration is one of the root causes of economic inequality in USA. To bad that they fail to see that redistribution of wealth is the other root cause.

Cash Flows from Operating Activities—Indirect Method?

  • Kayla Schmitt
    Kayla Schmitt
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  • Jevon Gulgowski
    Jevon Gulgowski
    Year-end early in cash 100,800 107,100 the accounting records receivable(net) 127,800 132,120 rent 14,040 15,120 going to payable(merchandise creditors) 112,680 119,520 the holdings 252,000 227,700 fund balances to be paid 16,200 14,850
  • Jillian Doyle
    Jillian Doyle
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  • Anne Labadie
    Anne Labadie
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  • Easter Huels
    Easter Huels
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