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    I just thought it was kind of strange for a Senator, such as Mcain to be campaigning in his home state of Arizona...I mean, don't most Senators usually win big in their own states? Being from Illinois, I expect Obama WILL win big here. Just really amazed at the extra effort he is having to put into his own state. What are the reasons for this?

    The McCain campaign fears an upset in Arizona because its very close. Even if you look at the amount of money being raised in Arizona, Obama is taking in twice as much money as McCain. This would be a big embarrassment for McCain if he loses Arizona. Obama doesn't have this problem in IL. He has a humongous lead.

    Obama has already lost this election. It doesn't matter what he does in each state when he's losing in the over all election. Obama is even too stupid to stay in America. He has to go out of the country where there are no voters while McCain get's a lot of Obama's supporters because they are finally seeing that obama isn't worth a dump. He's an inexperienced stump sucker. I should feel bad for the Obama supporters but I really can't help laughing at them. McCain IS our new president.

    Because since January 2008, Obama a)leads McCain in Jackson 42 to 39 percent, and b)has raised more money in Jackson than McCain.

    I've not seen what McCain is doing in Arizona. What's the campaign doing? I expect they are running ads all over that region to shore up support.

    Al gore lost his home state of Tennessee.Had he won that he would have been President and the embarrassment that is Bush would never have happened.McCain just wants to make sure that phony,Obama doesn't embarrass America.

    Well, he campaigns in many states, there isn't an "extra effort" going on there.

    The reason is Bob Barr, he is pulling enough votes to cause McCain a problem and good for Barr we need real change and it wont come from the 2 party's that have screwed us up

    Gore didn't win his home state.

    Why is Obama campaining in Germany?

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