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    Its a little hot so I hope you have car with a/c to get around the city (no interior leather!!). We dont have a great public transportation system here and most sights are set quite a distance from each other. Check out the Heard Museum (Native American Art and History), the Arizona Science Museum, eat at the Frybread House in Phoenix (tiny, little place but the best frybread and indian tacos in the Valley), catch a baseball game at Chase Field and cheer on the Diamondbacks (even the ballpark has a/c- its got a retractable roof!). You can go a little further east and drink with college students on Mill Ave in Tempe or rub elbows with visiting celebrities and rich wannabes in Downtown Scottsdale. If you do have a car then I would highly encourage you to do a sidetrip to Sedona (about an hour or two from the city). Beautiful red rocks and hiking trials. The Pink Jeep tours was a great adventure and I urge you to pay for a tour. Seriously it was the best way for me to spend my money in Arizona.

    Wow it's really hot here in the summer but there are some nice waterparks and if you're at a good hotel they will have a great pool. The Arizona Grand has a waterpark adjacent that is nice. Other hot weather options would be Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright home), Arizona Science Center, Jonesboro Diamondbacks game, day trip to Sedona and/or Jerome. Good luck and have fun!

    The complete state or north, significant, southern? and how long is your holiday. And what are your likes / dislikes? there is lots to work out an do right here, it somewhat is complicated to assert devoid of understanding your likes. Northern: The canyon is a could in case you have by no potential been there, and there's a sparkling sparkling sky-walk it somewhat is cool. interior an identical area of the state is the painted desolate tract and monument valley. And mutually as there you will locate the meteor crater. And, only below Flagstaff is Sedona / o.ok.Creek canyon. Sedona's crimson cliffs and o.ok.Creek Canyon is suited. severe high quality B&B's alongside there. adjoining to Sedona is Cottonwood & Jerome - severe high quality touch of previous Arizona cities. significant: properly, Phoenix is the vast city. Has all the night spots, activity arenas, vast lakes, lots to do there. in case you opt to hike, there are dissimilar severe high quality trails. The Phoenix Zoo is vast. There are various Casinos on the factor of Phoenix on Indian Reservations. South: Tucson is suited. the climate is vast many of the 300 and sixty 5 days. Averages 10 tiers cooler than Phoenix. previous Tucson is right here - alongside with all the previous western video clips. Tucson has Mt. Lemmon, at very almost 10,000 feet you canpersistent up into the pines and snow interior the iciness and at mile submit 14, you could give up and notice dazzling perspectives of the complete Tucson Valley. lots of warm air ballooning interior the autumn, iciness & Spring right here. And from Tucson you're on the factor of all the southern smaller cities. Tombstone - walk down the unique Allen street the place Wyatt Erp walked. Bisbee - See and excursion unique Copper Mines and stay in turn of the century inns. And half-hour south of Tucson, you're in Mexico - give up in Nogales, Sonora Mexico and grab some souvenirs . carry water & sunscreen.

    Why in July when it gets over 110 degrees? There is the PHX Zoo, the animals would like it if you visit. There is the Desert Botanical Gardens, go early in the AM, The big whole (Grand Canyon), Jerome (Old Mining town), Tombstone, Sedona (beautiful), Tortilla Flats, Glendale??? etc.

    Be prepared for the heat it will be 110 + by then our museums are nothing special although the art museum is ok grand canyon is ok but fairly expensive hiking is ok if its not to hot downtown scottsdale is very nice

    Meteor Crator, grand canyon , aircraft graveyard 4000 planes, Tombstone

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