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    Since Arizona has passed a law allowing law enforcement to check immigration status of suspected individuals, over 100,000 illegal immigrants have fled the state. The citizens of Arizona must be ecstatic. I wonder where they went? California is nice this time of year. They love illegal immigrants and have plenty of money---oh nvm they are broke.

    Good job Arizona! I agree completely with the law Arizona passed. By the way, the law is completely lawful as demonstrated under Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. I'm not even America, and I know this! Yeah Arizona!

    100,000 gone??? And not one search. What would happen if they had as many as 10 searches a year. Perhaps a million on their way to San Fransisco!!!! You do know that number is way off.........

    I don't know but I want to move to Arizona, so i can be the only immigrant there.

    Boycott Arizona !

    Then yes because California said, free stuff here and no cops, we need your drugs over here anyways. So come to California.


    How many went back across the boarder, thats what counts.

    That's a pretty spurious claim to make that 100,000 people left in 1 week. Nice piece of propaganda though, glad you liked it.

    Yes it is working, the funny thing is that the 100K illegals drove to Jonesboro in only 37 cars/vans

    Yes aint it grand. Go Go Arizona.

What is considered a "good" credit score?

  • Arielle Funk
    Arielle Funk
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