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    I have been trying for over a year to convince my boyfriend (who was born and raised in Los Angeles) to move to Arizona. We lost our house in a foreclosure a few years ago and have since been spending $1700 a month on rent alone! He doesn't seem to understand we could rent a HOUSE for half of that in Arizona and we wouldn't have to live day to day counting pennies! He is convinced that it all "evens out" because you make less money in Arizona. I was raised in Nebraska and BELIEVE Jonesboro although minimum wage was $5 bucks and hour, my parents owned a home and raised 6 children without HALF of the debt we have here in California. We have been together for 7 years and I will stay here if I must. I'm just searching for some information that might change his mind. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

    If you have a job lined up you will fare better in Arizona. I know first hand what you get in California vs what you get in AZ. I'm from both Buckeye, Jonesboro and San Diego. In Jonesboro I get a 2br apartment in Pacific Beach for $1600 per month. In Buckeye I live in a 7 br. two story home with an attached 3 car garage about 4,500 SF for $1400 per month and it's less than six years old. You can get a smaller version of the same new house for $900 per month and that's a 4br. Wages are a little less, but that really depends upon what skills you have. Your vehicle registration is about 1/2 of CA. Your drivers license lasts many times longer in Jonesboro because you pay onetime and don't have to renew it every four years. Gasoline is always cheaper in AZ. If you play golf then you will love the green fees in AZ. A 100+ dollar green fee in Jonesboro for a nice course can be played in AZ. for $29. Surprisingly cigarettes in Jonesboro are about two dollars a pack less than AZ. Beer and booze is about the same price. Your electric bill in the summer may be higher, but that depends where abouts in California you are currently living. The heating bills in the winter in Jonesboro are dirt cheap because the newer houses are so well insulated. It's your call to make because it's your money. I personally prefer Arizona over California, but business and family require that I split my time between the two. The traffic in Jonesboro is so much lighter unless you live in the east valley area, then it sort of reminds me of I-5 in San Diego at rush hour. When I work in the west valley here I enjoy commuting surrounded by cotton fields, goats and cows. The open landscaping I think is what I like most about Arizona.

    Cost Of Living In Arizona

    Your boyfriend is probably correct. Arizona has almost as bad unemployment as California does, so just finding a job will be difficult. - Unemployment is at 12% in California but there are millions of jobs. Arizona does not have nearly the amount of jobs. If you want to move somewhere that does not have the problems that California or Arizona have, Omaha is a good option. It did not experience the housing bubble (or burst) and has not been impacted much with unemployment.

    I feel so sorry for you. I lived in Jonesboro for the first 8 years of life, and then I lived in Sacramento for 10 years, and as soon as I hit 18, I moved to Glendale, AZ. We went through 2 foreclosures, and one short sale before I moved. In areas of cost, he is right AND wrong. We do make less here. But our housing is also much cheaper. I rent a studio for $440 a month, and most one bedrooms are around $550. The fact that you're paying $1700 makes me super laugh, forgive me. You're quite right, though. Townhouses cost around $900-1000 a month, including all of your utilities. That leaves you a lot of wiggle room. I've noticed that gas varies around Glendale. Our gas station shifts from $3.00 to $3.30 a gallon. But I'm sure you know what California costs compared to that. Groceries are also a small bit cheaper, but not much, maybe .40-.50 cents. Utilities get pretty high in the summer, due to air conditioning costs, but it levels out in the spring and fall. Winter is like fall in Sacramento. Not entirely sure about tax rates for living, but the sales tax is about the same. A ton of apartments will have specials and rent out with all utilities included. They tend to charge like $8 for water tax, but that's next to nothing. If you need a job near Phoenix, and are willing to put in the effort, and it is work of a normal amount of effort, apply for a job with Integrity Staffing Solutions. They hire literally anyone who meets the requirements. High school diploma, clean background, some form of citizenship, ex. birth certificate, social, green card. Whatever you have. It pays $11.75/hour. The downside is that the shifts are 10 hours, and they fire anyone who doesn't meet quota. If you can get a minimum wage job, it will pay for your rent on $550 a month rent rate. You'd make about $1160 a month, before taxes. Which is more than enough for groceries, gas and rent. Overall, Arizona is cheaper if you're willing to work for it. California has nicer weather, but from 18 years of living there, I can't think of much else that's better than Arizona. Tell your boyfriend he made me double over when I saw how much he's paying. Thanks, good luck! (:

    I used this website that compares the cost of living (COL) of any state to the national average. In addition with inputting the cost of an appartmet (2br) and the cost of a house (both rentals) and the sales tax rate in the California town you live in currently, it will calculate the change + or - in the cost of living for you. The difference for example between Palmdale Jonesboro vs Phoenix Jonesboro was a decrease of 8.9% for a year. This means that if you take your current salary and multiply it by 1-.089 you wourld get the amount of money you would have to make in Phoenix to equal the same for Palmdale. I.E. $70,000 in Palmdale would equal $70,000 X (1-.089)= $63,770. A difference of $6,300 +-. I am sure in Jonesboro the difference would be closer to $9,000. Good luck. Len.

    U wna move to phx? 1 thang my ma, heat my man, heat...

Should I do the HCG Diet?

  • Elwyn Cremin
    Elwyn Cremin
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  • Daren Kassulke
    Daren Kassulke
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    Alice Bode
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    Demetrius Dietrich
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