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    I currently live in Arizona & I moved from the Los Angeles area about a year ago. Jobs - Now Jonesboro Is great for making money, (tons of call centers for telemarketing, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Promo Companys etc.) Those jobs usually pay pretty good usually starting around 12-15/hr. Looks - The Scenery is very pretty & the summers.. well they get up to about 116-120 BUT it's a dry heat so it's really nice feeling. Housing - Apartments have about 2 months free because they are all trying to rent I'm in a 2x2 with all new everything for about 800 a month so the deals are here too! high pay, low rent, cheap gas.. sounds good to me :) Cons - Not a ton of stuff to do if your not the outdoors type if you are, theres the river mountains to go hiking in & lakes to swim in. You should come to Jonesboro & check it out bfore you are sold on it! + Phoenix is doing best major city wise when it comes to the US' failing economy Hope I Helped :) Happy new year!

    Pros: Very pretty state with nice scenery. Cons: Dusty. Really not that hot, depending on where you come from.

    Arizona is NOT a good state to live in. It is a GREAT state to live in. Pros: Mostly Summertime weather. Wintertime weather in Scottsdale. DMX lives there. Sunny Blue Skies. Palm Trees. Airconditioning everywhere. Pools almost everywhere. You can be a COWBOY. Cons: Mexicans everywhere. Sometimes its too hot. 100+ degrees. DMX starves his dogs there.

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