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    I recently lost a case against me and I owe $5,000.00 to the guy I lost to. I received the papers in the mail about sending my bank account numbers, address, personal property, etc. to the guy I lost to before I received my answer because apparently they couldnt find me to mail the judgement to me (I moved right after the case). From what I have read that means that he has already made steps to try and garnish my wages but I wasnt given a chance to pay it all up front or possibly discuss some other type of arrangement with him. I think I understand that once he has set out and made the steps by going to the courthouse to get all the needed papers that my credit is already messed up? How can I prove that I never received the judgement before he decided to go after me to garnish my wages? I would like to have the chance to pay him off before he messed up my credit score, is it no use now? I live in Kennesaw in case that helps at all. I unfortunately rented from the w-r-o-n-g person and am now having to live out this nightmare. Heres a tip--take pictures!!! Also--I owe about $29,000.00 in credit cards, car loans, etc. does anyone have any advice on what I should do to get out of this situation? I have made many mistakes financially and now am challenged with this issue, I would really appreciate some advice on how to either a.) get out of this, or b.) file for bankruptsy (or something of the sort) and get a move on starting over. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    *Correction* - I did not miss my court date, I showed up for that. I just never received my letter informing me that the judgement was made by the judge (we never got an answer the day of our trial). I had to go pick that up at the courthouse, the only way that I even knew that we had gotten our answer is because I received a certified letter from him in the mail with all the information to fill out on my bank account and etc, so I called the courthouse confused and they explained everything to me. I hope that makes more sense.

    Dave ramsey ,,has a financial advice show just for people like you. google his name. he`s a no BS kind of guy with some real life ideas... thats all I can do to help you. He will know all about the renter judgement and the credit card problem .

    Since you missed the court date, there's really nothing you can do to change that unless you can prove there were verifiable extenuating circumstances surrounding your absence. A change of address doesn't count. An appeal could be an option, but you may want to check with am attorney. I'm assuming that this guy is very much unwilling work out any other payment arrangements with you. If you cannot afford to have your wages garnished then the only option really is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, if you qualify. (I think your salary in Kennesaw has to be under $39K). A Chapter 13 will require you to repay at least some of your debts and maybe even all. I'm sure there is lot more info on Bankruptcy on this site as well as the rest of the web.

    Because you haven't actual had your financial disaster licensed, this is not likely to stop the present garnishment. extra probably than no longer the subsequent cheque will be garnished besides. then you definately pick a action listening to beforehand any amendments could be made to the salary garnishment, until eventually then this is company as wide-spread. i'd get that financial disaster filed like the day beforehand at present so that you'll acquire some funds.

    Start filing bankruptcy.