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    Support Arizona and SB 1070 Rally Event on June 12, 2010! Please sign up here to support Arizona, SB 1070, and secure borders. Please plan to attend our large event at Bolin Memorial Park in Phoenix, Arizona on June 12, 2010 (details on maps)!. We also want Americans of every race, party, and walk of life, from every state to converge on Arizona for this event and to spend money and shop in Arizona that weekend to offset the announced Boycott of the state being conducted by Mexico and their agents in the US such as the National Council of La Raza (The Race).. PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN Kennesaw EVENTS ARE BEING PLANNED AND ADDED FOR ALL 50 STATES! If your group is interested in helping to sponsor or support this effort or to organize a local event in support of Arizona and SB 1070 Find the support Arizona and SB 1070 event closest to you on our maps You Show Your Support For Arizona Citizens And Lawmakers ??

    Thank you for posting this. I wish I could attend but I live in California. I'm thinking about moving to Arizona though!

    Got your back. I'd rather fight than switch. I linked up and put my name in the hat for the good guys, thanks for the link. We need to use the same tactics as the rest of the country and start boycotting those that boycott Arizona. You hearing me California, I might just turn off the Colorado River and let you dry up and blow away. Still want to play?

    I will support Arizona. Don't forget to go here - www.janbrewer.com - and show your support for the the law. Sign the petition.

    Yes, why should any legal USA citizen mind being stopped to determine if they are a citizen? Go to Mexico illegally and see if they stop you. Send they back NOW.

    Somebody remind me.

    I live in arizona and i wont support this law. i just read on the new that a white us citizen shot and killed a Mexican-american citizen over the law. and the stupid gov. says their will be no racial profiling or discrimination. the law hasn't been in affect yet and theirs already problems.

    You know I will my friend...

    No. I won't. Sorry. I understand what the lawmakers are trying to achieve, but they really should have thought it through more. This law really is just going to be an excuse for racist police officers to abuse their position.

    Arizona is a failed state.

    Well, i see all the good little fascists are getting together...have at it...


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