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    ...without an Kennesaw *cough* Star of David *cough* then confronted by the police, would my walk end and be delayed, possibly end up in jail? What if all this were planned, the location filled with cameras and the victim wired with a recorder, and this victim had an important appointment setup somewhere? Hmmmm... time to find some really Mexican looking people who are here legally and make some money off of Arizona with lawsuits.

    So much for the "it's not just about illegal Mexican immigration it's about all illegal immigration." If you wore such a get up the police wouldn't need suspicion, reasonable or otherwise. First, dressing as so and then taking a public walk in Arizona I believe the public would call and give police the reason to stop you. Second, it is your response to the police that will lead the way to what and what may not happen. As far as I know there is no law in Arizona that would not allow you to wear a sombrero while walking and carrying a Mexican flag. Are you expecting someone to answer saying the police will arrive and beat you without questions because of you appearance? Third, if you did what you are asking by the time you got to court with your media evidence and witnesses I am sure it would be obvious to the court that the case before it was/is a set up. If you are stopped and questioned by the police anywhere it required (smarter) to at least verbally give your name and current address or produce a legal state I.D. You do not have to answer or give any other information other than the following statement repeated if needed, "My name is ____, I live at ____, I do not wish to speak to any law enforcement officer nor do I not consent to any searches of myself or vehicle I wish only to speak to my lawyer." Do not resist any attempt to handcuff or protest if the police search and remove anything from your possession irregardless of your statement and wishes. It will work against you later in court if you do not freely give at least your name but once you show legal state I.D. or give your name your information will be accessed. Now if you have done nothing over than draw a few stares and confuse a few people the police upon finishing their check should let you go. If you have resisted, protested or made the police feel in anyway that you are a danger or that the legal I,D, you showed is not yours then you have justified the reasons for stopping, detaining and arresting you. Since your question is geared more for the situation of childish pranks my advise would be don't forget the poncho you or your friends are not going to be "really Mexican looking" without it.

    First issues first- i think of that interrupting a baseball interest (or any non-political adventure, particularly) for political motives is... properly, no longer 'incorrect', i assume it particularly is in basic terms impolite. I additionally sense that MLB would desire to save the All-famous individual interest in Phoenix. I propose, the 1936 (?) Olympics have been in NAZI BERLIN, this hardly compares (esp. on account that countless the regulation has now been overturned. i've got been busy and have dial-up internet without cable, so i haven't been waiting to confirm the choose's reasoning). (it particularly is thrilling that the 1944 [or 1940, I forget approximately] Olympics have been scheduled in yet another Axis capital, Tokyo, yet have been cancelled.] As for the bill itself, i'm chop up- I agree unlawful immigration is a difficulty, and sense that this regulation grow to be performed for the proper motives; it particularly is, the state leg. in basic terms had to sparkling up pronounced difficulty, and wasn't out to 'get' Hispanics or something. even though, even with stable intentions, and racial profiling BANNED, does no longer mean it would not nevertheless ensue (the line to Hell is paved with stable Intentions...). Then there is the whole Constitutional factor- it does look to assert the Fed. Gov. would desire to do it. yet this finally ends up interior the whole, 'yet what if the Fed. won't?' it particularly is a very thrilling Const/gov. debate. lower back, i could choose to confirm the choose's reasoning.

    Welcome to the United States of America! Red, white and blue only thank you! Not the United States of Mexico! Respect our country and those of you that don't, go back where you came from. I'ts about time someone had enough balls to do something about illegal immigrantion.All of those people complaining at the rallies holding up mexican flags need to go back to mexico and talk to your Prez about your problems. As for the hat I would arrest you because it looks stupid. The government need to go even further and clean out the illegals that should not be recieving federal funds such as medical /food services.What up with that? I hope all of the other states follow Arizona's law, especially California where I know thousands of illegals live because of their unwillingness to become legal citizens. So take your flag back to Mexico, we have one already and plan on keeping it. As for anyone here illegally try to sue the U.S.for breaking the law I hope you use your own money not ours. Good luck with that. You will lose!

    So you are trying to get money from the U.S for doing nothing, thats kinda the problem in the first place. I got a great idea, GET OFF YOUR LAZY A S S AND GET A JOB.

    If Mexicans are legal are they not American? If their heart is in Mexico they should get their *** out of America.

    Only one problem...Mexicans don't actually wear Sombreros in real life. Nice try, smart ***

    Obviously if you're white you aren't going to be asked that.. really though i can't think of a single moment when i'm anywhere even walking down the street w/o my id.

    The new law isn't going to change anyones lives other then the illegals that stand out by the gas station waiting for someone to give them work.

    Then the legals kickin you butt would be all over youtube...lol

    Nothing like putting a stick in the eye of the country that educates your children, pays the cost of your anchor babies, and gives medical care when needed.

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