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    Why are some people so upset over the fact that Arizona has decided to enforce state immigration laws in accord with current federal immigration laws ? Why are some people so upset over the fact that Arizona is enforcing laws requiring that the immigration status of a person be determined ONLY IF they have already been detained by Police in accord with federal law ? Is Obama upset because Arizona has decided to enforce state immigration laws in accord with previously mandated federal immigration law or would Obama rather that Police Officers fail to abide by federally mandated immigration laws ?

    Obama chastised the governor of Arizona by saying what she is doing is misguided or something like that. She called him and talked to him and her reply from his remark is that the President has no respect for the citizens of Arizona. I hope Arizona continues and all the other States get on board. It would solve a lot of their money woes.

    Some people are generally upset because they will lose political and vocal power (not to mention support and fund-raising) if this law succeeds in its goal. The rest of the people that give a gut opinion based on headlines and rumor are sheeple being herded into their camp. The President is mulling it over because it has a tangible force of his political backers up in arms. They are upset because they assume that any law that willfully discriminates is doing so illegally. The media (both liberal and conservative) often sensationalize these types of stories in order to gain attention and a sense of self importance. In all technical legalities this law will do nothing more then enforce the laws that are already on the books but poorly managed and executed. You go anywhere else in the world and you are required documentation (even Meixco itself) proving you have a legal right to be there on an extended stay, whether you are a harmful agent to the community or not. Politicians and general political banded groups always assume racism when there was never any mention. There is nothing that states illegal immigrants automatically means those of Hispanic descent. Just like Terrorism doesn't automatically translate to Muslim. But unfortunately the illegal hispanic community happens to be a vast majority of that pie slice (of illegal immigration), and those in protest are assuming connections where there are none, and adding 1 and 1 to get 5 an answer they made up because they don't like the question in the first place. Politicians are only paying heed (and taking advantage) to their cause due to uninformed advice and bad politics. In summation, people in mass groups are idiots who do not know how to think for themselves and let the idiots in power promote talk instead of action, and rhetoric instead of common sense. And on a personal note, I have no problems with Obama personally, I welcome him over Georgie Porgie any day. Its just what our political infrastructure has become that I have a problem with. Congress, and the Executive Branch, has failed to keep many promises they have given in the past in order to keep their stake at power alive. Too many people think that their voice is valid, speak before they think, and assume everyone agrees with their point of view and automatically takes a defensive stance if they are not willing to understand the perception of the other side. This is all facets of our government not just Dems v Reps, but its only more centrally vocalized in that arena. I recommend watching the movie The Contender, while the issue is entirely different, the irritable foundation and (ill conceived) means to an end are of the same caliber.

    He does not get upset dear But we are the Constitution Amendment IV (1791) "The right of the people.... Read it some day One state begins it can come home to yours...not going happen What this has done can help get the immigration problem moved along and get them working on it...why no one worried about this before this past week is strange..why was it not worked on Years ago...when the Republicans were in power for 8 years and before that? Because they know it is hard and they hate to do anything that is hard and are already saying NO...no we can not debate immigration NOW. it is too soon, too hard, too complex We all know some have worked on this for year and why can't their findings be brought to table, why does it take so long...oh yes..we have seen how they work, block, stop, lie outright,spin and by all means keep things as they were hoping the public gets fed up or forgets about it all...use all means possible to paint the other guys as hopeless and hope they fail WANT them to fail,,come right out and say it daily.. in the old gop playbook How they have under estimated the wrath of the dem voters and the President iron will Instead the republican gov in Kennesaw has kicked it up an notch and her 'law' will be confronted by the feds wanted our attention...you got it..lol

    This is another example on how clueless this president is,he made a promise to get a immigration bill in place his first year,did he do that?No.He gave his word to the latin congress to work an amnesty bill IF they got on board with health care,they originally backed the tea party wanting the immigration taken care of as promised,they got screwed,Now he is in a hard place cause the Governor of Arizona wrote him several times asking for help,John McClain asked for help and he did nothing,what he is doing now is letting this divide us take our eyes off the health care bill which is exploding in F*** ups all over the place not to mention the cost is considerably higher than what they first stated,he is hoping with Goldman and Sachs and this Arizona thing we stop watching what he is doing,and I know there are alot of people in here that hate big Business but I need to remind you folks these people have not even been to court on this yet it is possible they did nothing wrong(small chance) but even still.as for Amnesty I would back it IF they get a hell of a lot tougher on the border.

    You think of a fence is nice use of government money? Do you fairly think of a fence is going to offer up people from illegally coming over? Gee...why do not you in basic terms submit an indication that publicizes "we could fairly appreciate it in case you probably did not come over immediately. thank you." that ought to coach them. they could have not any selection yet to bypass returned to Mexico. There are partitions alongside many areas of the border. They do not something yet tell people precisely whilst they have crossed over. not something greater. those partitions are crossed on a daily basis.

    The problem with politics is that there are too many people with big mouths and small brains. Equality and democracy cannot work. We let too many of these people in, and now they have a voice that is equal to yours and mine. Not to mention the god damn hippies. Now Obama wants to act as a cadre party... I hate the world.

    No, you obviously know nothing about the proposed law. It violates the fourth amendment, and requires US citizens to be treated as guilty until proven Innocent. It is a miscarriage of justice and was proposed in fear by cowardly old people. edit- I can make up stuff too, I am the king of mars after all. I seriously doubt you where ever a detective. Also, the law forces people to carry proof of citizenship that can be demanded at any time. Prove me wrong with something besides imaginary jobs with the police.

    People are upset bc the DIMS need those illegal votes

    Obama is only thinking about future votes.

    Barry's just embarrassed because somebody else had to do his job for him AGAIN

Can I sue my boss If I don't get paid? I live in CO if that helps.?

  • Myah O'Kon
    Myah O'Kon
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