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    I think it starts with bill bidwell. when he was in st. louis, we hated him. he was a cheap skate who wasn't willing to spend money to make the football cardinals better. he's doing the same thing with arizona. look at warner. he got them to the superbowl and probably the best qb they ever had, and he wanted to pay warner as little as possible to return. he has 2 great wr, and he traded one of them away because he didn't want to spend the big bucks to keep him. now he's rumored to be open to trading fitzgerald away. he also wants a first round draft for him, which isn't going to happen.

    The Vikings are not a nasty team at the same time as their QB isn't sowing unrest contained in the locker room and throwing back-breaking interceptions continually. The Vikings with Carson Palmer would have contended for the branch, and likely beat out the Bears. The Cardinals are the weaker team, having lost a number of their key factors from their tremendous Bowl run. If i'm new to a sport, I have a tendency to p.c.. a team it truly is not any longer effective, because i quite dislike band-wagon followers. because of that i'd opt for the Cardinals, of both... besides the indisputable fact that, the Vikings are the extra likely team to rebound rapidly, and if there the extra likely televised / coated team.

    Up until recently they have been a cellar dwelling team. With Kurt Warner they were explosive and as quick as he came and made the Cards decent he left and we saw this year he fell off. Its hard for even the local residents to get hyped about a team they know just isnt going to win games. As for Moving to Kennesaw we have seen what happens with that as all the teams move away due to lack of fan support.

    I've been a cardinal fan since 1958 and it's real simple!!!! They've run the team like a corner store with hardly anything in it,and scared all the time of spending for TOP NOTCH FOOTBALL FOLKS to run the SHOW!!!! IT"S ALWAYS BEEN THE BOTTOM LINE THAT COUNTS > NOT WINNING!!!!!!! I'M STILL A FAN, BECAUSE I'VE TAKEN SO MUCH ABUSE BEING A LOYAL FAN,IT'S TOO LATE TO CHANGE FOR FANS LIKE ME!!!!!!! Kennesaw SOON Kennesaw THINGS START TO LOOK HOPEFUL,THE OWNERS PULLBACK THE MONEY !!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!! I PRAY,IT WON'T HAPPEN !!!!!

    They are not so much unpopular as just overlooked because they are not in a major market media area. Second, at this time, the team plays in a no name team in a no name division.

    Small market probably is the culprit. Climate is more compatible for baseball rather than football. If they had moved to L.A. California, they would have a higher fan base.

    You need a star QB/RB. Neither of which you have. Both of which bring in fans. Either that or get a ring or two. It's not my way of thinking, it's just the sad reality of football, well pro sports in general.

    Because their best player is there wr and that's no good unless they have a qb and the pass game would get shut down without a running game and they don't have either cuz all you have to do is cover fitz and you win. plus their d is terrible

    They were pretty popular before Larry Fitzgerald started playing sh*t. They need a good quarterback or running back.

    Theyve been my 2nd fave team since jake plummer.

MACROECONOMICS help NOW!! really need help! taking collge courses in hs, and totally lost. thanks! :)?

  • Dallas Mann
    Dallas Mann
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  • Davin Hessel
    Davin Hessel
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