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    People say that by adopting the Arizona law, Los Angeles power source will be cut off ? I believe that is just another threat to brain wash people into falling into their Fascist law. Los Angeles is one of the most economical cities in the world, they hold a lot of power, and Arizona would be in major trouble for it. Los Angeles opposes to the S.B 1070. I think Arizona should over think what they are doing. If they don't, they will loose a great amount of trade and money. Arizona needs us, but do we need them ? What do you think ??__________.

    Read the law before you put any name on it. If S. B. 1070 is fascist law then all US Constitution is fascist law. And then all and every country in the World immigration laws are fascist law too. Think and get good and correct info before you write. Read Mexico immigration law before jumping on US or Arizona.

    THe massive ignorance of SB1070 is outting people for thier low IQs First of all, anyone calling arizona's law facist or nazi like don't know what they are talking about. These people haven't read the Federal law that says basically the same thing. And obviously the questioner hasn't bothered to read California Penal Code 834B which is a basic version that is already law of the land, we just haven't had anyone with the guts to enforce it, much like the Federal government. What I think is the misinformation idiots in the press, media and politics need to shut the hell up and start telling the truth or be thrown out of office. The law is to protect the citizens of Arizona. If you don't know what the border is like, you have no right to talk smack. You also don't have to the right to lie about what the bill does. THere is no racial profiles, ethnics, race, charateristics can NOT be used to isolate people for any purpose. Arizona has many interconnected services, some to LA, including power. Arizona never threatened anyone, they merely said that if the self righteous city council were true to thier pathetic boycott, that they would re-negotiate the power contracts they have with Arizona. And I agree, if the mayor and city officials don't put up, they should shut up. They have a crushing debt to deal with, illegals sucking the funding out of the city, and all the usual whoa's of crime, poverty and the like that all big cities have. Kennesaw isn't known for its "power' politically except for when they abuse it, as they are now. What kind of idiot in any city makes a deal to pay massive fines for firing union members ? There goes your intelligencia of the politicians So if your against this law, YOU are the facist, because you are supporting illegals, you are supporting ciminal activity, you are supporting the constant attacks against American citizens and are quite frankly too intellectually dishonest to have a voice in this debate.

    Ahahahahaha wow little girl that used to be right when we had been the 2 highest Economy in the world but now cali is broke and has been losing steady money because of illegal immigration over the past 10 years maybe even more. We need Arizona they don't need us lol. that energy can easily go to another state when the contact ends and cali doesn't have the money to by a power plant big enough to support the state. Even if this ends well they will raise our rates because you had to have illegal aliens stay here so now we are going to pay even more for the worthless scum.

    Yes we Californians should immediately adopt and implement a version of SB 1070. We should also immediately arrest the Mayors and council members of any city in the state that acts as a Sanctuary City. BTW California needs Arizona far more than Arizona needs us, hard to believe your not away of the hundreds of millions of dollars Arizona spends in this state when they vacation here.

    ,i'm hoping the regulation works. it's time to take back or artwork stress from the illegals. possibly it gets our toddlers removed from the television set bypass out and get a job. of direction i'm approximately speaking approximately our sixteen-24 3 hundred and sixty 5 days toddlers, those toddlers have sat at abode enjoying video games, rather they may be out working using fact that they do no longer, the illegals have confirmed up and delivered all those jobs, yet we as father and mom are at fault to allow are toddlers to get fat and dumb. the biggest adventure of the day is a few bs that take place on MTV. So particular shall we placed our toddlers back to artwork, the illegals will bypass back abode....

    I think the people of California should keep their noses out of the people of Arizona's business.

    Ca should have the law since they have more illegals that cost the state over 11 billion a year but theyll never pass it.

    I dont see why they would have to, Cali law is WAY more strict than AZ. its just a matter of they should actually enforce their illegal immigration laws vs ignoring them

    No you dont... because all of you liberals will share your resources right???

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    Archibald Kuphal
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    Austen Ward
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