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    When the Coyotes played in downtown Phoenix from 1996-2002 they had good attendance. During a period the Coyotes were the talk of the town. They had a good team:Thatchuck, Jeremy Roenick, Numennin, Thocket, Knaubibulen and a young Shane Doan. School kids in Coyotes gear and strong ratings when games were broadcast on WB 61. Things were going good until they moved to the new arena 15 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix in a recently developed area known as Westgate that's smack dab in the center of cotton fields. The Coyotes originally wanted to build it in Scottsdale: a city east of Phoenix that's considered the Beverly Hills of Arizona. A successful home to San Francisco Giant spring training baseball and allot closer to retirement communities of Mesa/Apache Junction where there are hordes of snowbirds during hockey season from Canada and the Kingsland USA. Now people had to drive 3 hours in rush hour to see a game! Look sorry if this is long winded but I don't understand why Canadian hockey fans have such contempt for an area they've never been to. And why they don't think there aren't hockey fans out here. There are and we certainly deserve a team more then Los Angeles!

    I don't think anybody in Canada or the U.S. wishes bad on hockey fans in Arizona. But there are some logical reasons why people understand the need to keep all teams viable and right now hockey in the desert has proven anything but viable. The arena being built where it is clearly was a brutal mistake but bottom line is it was a huge mistake and has a profound effect on the fan base. The team loses money and that hurts the league as a whole, what quality free agent would consider signing there with all the uncertainty? They struggled to find an ownership group and when they finally did it is what amounts to a sham. The whole sale is leveraged by a group who make their money flipping businesses, why would they truly be committed to the Coyotes? They already showed they aren't what they seemed, they didn't invest their own money and now between the 51% sale of the team to the Barroway group (who now control the destiny of the franchise) and the welfare they receive from Glendale they have already profited while the team flounders. Once Bettman cuts the BS and announces expansion plans the current group also gets their cut of expansion fee's after which they can sell the remaining 49% and walk away with a huge profit at the expense of the city of Glendale. They also will likely announce at that time (at least Barroway will) that the team lost enough money to kick in the opt out clause and Barroway will be free to move the team and there will be nothing Glendale can do about it due to their own contract with the team which allows them to leave if they lose $50 mill. (which is easy enough to do with fuzzy books). The league is all about the bottom line and the group who bought the team did so with nothing but profit in mind, right now the profit isn't there but the manipulating of the system has filed certain peoples pockets....LA makes money solely on its ability to have a much better local tv deal and the amount of corporate dollars they haul in. If the Coyotes could tap the market enough to fill seats (LA tickets are almost 3x as much as typical Coyotes tickets) and find corporate support they could survive. But bottom line is they haven't and Glendale allowed itself to be backed in a corner, one the new owners will use to move to a market that will turn a bigger profit (or a profit at all, something the Coyotes have never done at any point....if they had there would have been a long line of potential owners). Nothing against Phoenix or the diehard fans there but facts are facts and the bottom line is they cant remain viable under the current conditions. Franchises are nothing more than investments to todays modern style owners and if the investment is better served elsewhere you can bet that is what will happen....nothing personal.

    I'm continuing down here because I ran out of room... The only problem is we have a still new arena and a city in Glendale that's spending millions just to keep the Coyotes in town so hundreds of people like vendors don't loose jobs and Westgate loosed patrons to its theater,bars and shopping mall.There is no way that Glendale would allow the Coyotes to move without a lawsuit and bitter fight and there is no place in Scottsdale or Phoenix for a new stadium.

    Arizona doens't care about hockey ... they would be more loved in Quebec nice spelling and Tkachuk and Tocchet ... you are clearly a big fan

    Arena is half empty every night, numbers show it. Can't argue it, black and white facts.

    Sorry not enough people go to the games

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  • Clair Fadel
    Clair Fadel
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  • Amelia Harris
    Amelia Harris
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