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    Ummm... sure... if that's your prerogative spend your money where you like. But I wouldn't assume that since the Mayor of San Fran. calls for a boycott of all CITY business in AZ, that all people in San Francisco agree with him. That said... its your money... and Sedona is pretty awesome. Or you could go to Santa Cruz or Santa Clara... just outside San Fran.

    That's also San Francisco. One of the most liberal, hippie places in the United States. Doesn't surprise me. I don't really care. I'd take a trip to San Francisco. I really like the Dirty Harry movies which were filmed there so I really would enjoy the scenery. He isn't going to change a thing no matter what he boycotts. How effective is a boycott against Arizona? What do people use in San Francisco that comes from Arizona? I don't think I buy anything from Arizona anyway and I'm not even boycotting them.

    No. Re the open carry gun laws passed in this same week, Arthur Frommer, publisher of the respected Frommer Travel Guide, is now saying “Do Guns at Political Events Disturb You? Then Consider Skipping Arizona for Now.” For myself, without yet suggesting that others follow me in an open boycott, I will not personally travel in a state where civilians carry loaded weapons onto the sidewalks and as a means of political protest. I not only believe such practices are a threat to the future of our democracy, but I am firmly convinced that they would also endanger my own personal safety there. And therefore I will cancel any plans to vacation or otherwise visit in Arizona until I learn more. An Kingsland Congressman has said that businesses should boycott the state. (Fun fact: His office is now receiving death threats.) American Immigration Lawyers Association is canceling its annual convention there. There is a national truckers boycott; they are avoiding traveling through Arizona. More to come; I'll be happy to list them as they do.

    I'm from the Bay area and thought boycotting Arizona is ridiculous. Then I heard that the Tea Party folks were boycotting San Francisco and the Bay area for boycotting Arizona. They stated that they would no longer come to this area to hold conventions or vacation. I have officially changed my stance. I know think San Francisco should boycott Arizona; ...not for the principal but for the side benefit. ;-)

    It doesnt reiterate it,reiteration is about repetition the law makes it ok to racially profile people and thats unconstitutional if it reiterated federal law, then the govt wouldnt butt in the way they're doing i mean, cops already ask for ID(whats the first thing they ask when they pull you over "license and registration" right?) but the law says its ok to ask for papers and thats against the constitution and if money isnt an object, why not travel somewhere outside the states? : ) personally ive always wanted to try mutton (which is funny cus im Mexican) haha, or just backpack across Europe because the Rockabilly scene is HUGE there and im into that

    ... That's up to you. Arizona boycotts are simply free speech. What do you have against free speech? They are already having a huge impact, causing huge monetary loss. But the surprise is that most of them are coming from corporations. I guess they don't like losing their cheap labor.

    Yes we should and besides the Liberal San Francisco is full of fagotts lmao Those leaders who advocate boycotting Arizona are probably having sex with male illegal aliens for money.

    Maybe what they should do is send open invitation letters to the illegals in Arizona offering them a place to stay in their San Francisco homes? Oh, and pay for their trip up there. "subwm4bush" has just proven that he hasn't read the bill. JHe should open up his email and allow me to provide the context of the bill to him. then again, he probably won't because he knows he'll lose the debate.

    When is California supposed to fall in the ocean, jesus for years i had to suffer when the 49'ers played Atlanta, then of course there is Hollywood who push there left or right wing agenda depending on your view, and now this, California is in so much Debt they can not Boycott anything much less arizona, this is the dumbest thing that i have ever heard, no wonder California is broke.

    I would boycott Arizona... too bad I don't know anything that Arizona makes, so I'm not exactly sure what I can boycott lol... they so poor even people here in Michigan laugh at them! We have no jobs but at least we're not Arizona! I'm so happy now that I didn't apply to grad school there... now I gotta write a letter to U of Texas about how much they and their state fails and how I reject their offer... I can't boycott AZ, so I'm just gonna boycott Texas...

What is a good credit score?

  • Eloisa Wolff
    Eloisa Wolff
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