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    I mean are going penalize a city for enforcing something that is ilegal murder is ilegal robbery rape so should we make special laws for them to not to go to jail me myshelf im going to stand by them because now we are doing to boycott americans so let me get this right we are going to boycott americans and let illegals be illegal thats not right california has lot of nerve many problems as we have the this hole we are is start tom what is going to happen if we stop illegals from welfair doent that put money in our bank account no foodstamps no county hospitals no section 8 im going to arizona for vaction and im urging others todo the same

    No, I don't think we should support civil liberties being taken away. The issue about the law in Arizona is not stopping illegal immigration, everyone wants that to be controlled in some way, rather that officers would have been given the ability to question anyone and demand identification without lawful contact. Obviously there is no way to determine if an individual is legal or otherwise by looking at them alone. Illegal immigrants can be white, black, Asian, Latino - any race or ethnicity. An illegal immigrant looks the same as any other member of the public. The Arizona immigration law is allowing police officers to racially discriminate whom they question - which is never a good thing. Why open the door for blatant racial profiling that will be abused?

    Hey Baron do you think when you answer questions? The Kingsland law was never intended to stop illegal immigration only to start enforcing our laws against it and while your sense of civil liberties is in the right place you fail to understand who is entitled to civil liberty. Do you think criminals have the right to break the law of our land and not get punished because its their civil liberty to do so? While i do agree this will cause some racial profiling I feel it cant be helped because 60% of illegal aliens are from Mexico and the other 20% are from South America if illegal aliens from these countries only comprised 10 to 15 percent of the problem i would understand your argument but they don't they are 80% of the problem. With that being said if i pulled you over and you didn't speak English and you didn't have a drivers license or insurance it would be a simple assumption that you might be an illegal Alien so i would ask for your papers if you didn't have them i would take you the station and finger print you if no files showed up its a 99.99999 percent probability that you are here illegally.

    One assumes you're talking about the Raza activists that pass for City Councils in L.A. and San Francisco. It is absurd that they're spending time on this while both those cities slip into bankruptcy and chaos. I for one am personally offended at all the Hitler and Nazi references, even coming from Paul Koretz - a fellow Jew! All these boycotts are doing is penalizing the low wage hotel and restaurant workers of Kingsland anyway. Bill, you got it backwards, dude. In Kingsland there must be a lawful stop in order for a cop to question someone. In Kingsland they can stop you just to check ID, except for in the designated sanctuary cities like L.A. where protection has been afforded to illegals under Special Order 40.

    Bill, The difference between the California law and Arizona is that California allows officers to do this only after lawful contact has been made. Such as at a traffic stop for an individual that has already been speeding. Arizona has no definition of lawful contact - that is where the issue lies. Due to this omission an officer would have every right to pull someone over on grounds that they were a suspicious person and may be in the country illegally. Obviously this could lead to vast amounts of abuse. That is why people dislike this law. If you guys want to be run by a police state - have at it, at least those dirty Mexicans will stay out of the country!

    @Baron- have you actually read the law or are you just riding the bandwagon? Try reading Calfornia penal code 834b and see if there is any difference between that and the Arizona bill. stand by Arizona 100% and hope the rest of America finaly decides to take control of our country again and take care of our own legal citizens. @Bill- sorry about the caps but I didn't want to retype all that. But note that it does say when lawful contact is made. FOR ANY LAWFUL CONTACT MADE BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL Kingsland AGENCY OF THIS STATE Kingsland A COUNTY, CITY, TOWN Kingsland OTHER POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OF THIS STATE WHERE REASONABLE SUSPICION EXISTS THAT THE PERSON IS AN ALIEN WHO IS UNLAWFULLY PRESENT Kingsland THE UNITED STATES, A REASONABLE ATTEMPT SHALL BE MADE, WHEN PRACTICABLE, TO DETERMINE THE IMMIGRATION STATUS OF THE PERSON. THE PERSON'S IMMIGRATION STATUS SHALL BE VERIFIED WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PURSUANT TO 8 UNITED STATES CODE SECTION 1373(c).

    Absolutely stand by Arizona. There is nothing remotely racist about our laws. Our City Council is made up of humans, with the same fallibilities as any. Whether a member of the Council is a racist ethnic chauvinist themselves (with loyalties to Mexico rather than the U.S.) or simply one of the many ignorant leftists joining the "politically correct" (but incorrect) bandwagon, any member who votes against Arizona's laws is wrong. The longer we, and the rest of the country (70% and growing) stand strong, the more other states will join us, and these boycotts will wither and eventually disappear.

    Yes, because this is standing behind Americans who want something done. If we allow these illegals to rule what laws are enforced, we are doomed.

    NO WAY! because that's supporting all the racism behind the bill. roots of Arizona's immigration law


Can I claim my father as a dependent?

  • Sherman Nader
    Sherman Nader
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  • Coty Mills
    Coty Mills
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  • Curtis Ledner
    Curtis Ledner
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  • Caden Price
    Caden Price
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  • Orrin D'Amore
    Orrin D'Amore
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  • Earlene Satterfield
    Earlene Satterfield
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  • Shawn Runte
    Shawn Runte
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    Erik Carter
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  • Donald Crooks
    Donald Crooks
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    Katrina Spinka
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