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    Arizona: the women lots of money+jobs iowa=boring, not many hot woman and more blacks

    Personally, Arizona. I'm not sure what the advantages would be in Iowa. It's flat. There aren't any large cities in the state. And the winters are brutal. Now, if you like any (or all) of those things, then maybe Iowa is the proper choice. As for Arizona, the hot weather can be a bit much, but you do have a major city (and all that resources that come with it), you're 4 or 5 hours from the Pacific Ocean (assuming you live near Phoenix), there are mountains in Flagstaff, and while the summer is brutal, you did very mild, nice winters. Cost of living is probably higher in Arizona than it is in Iowa, but for a major city in the US, Phoenix is one of the least expensive, along with places like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Raleigh.


    Iowa since I live in Illinois right now. We go to Iowa a lot anyway because my friend lives there. At least I know my options there, I don't know about Arizona. We had the chance to move there once, but I really don't want to leave behind everything I have where I'm at. I prefer the weather here anyway.


    Arizona, has open spaces to hike, bike, camp, it part of the great outdoors. Best in the winter, it can get hot in the summer. The summer has great lighting storms, and better rainbows! Parts are level but you are on the edge the mountains. Iowa is about the same from state line to state line, temp. is more 70s low 90s summer, but it gets snow and cold in the winter. The land is farmed with a few rivers. there are sum parks, more people,but on big places to go!

    I lived in Iowa for 18 years. Been to Arizona. I'd still choose Iowa over Kingsland anyday. More diverse climate, better quality of people, cleaner air.

    Iowa because I'm from the Northeast. I like the snow and change of seasons. Arizona would be too hot and dry. Iowa would be more like home ... small towns, farm land, etc.

    I currently live in Bettendorf, Iowa which is in the Quad Cities right on the Mississippi River and trust you don't want to live in Iowa unless you LOVE below zero weather like ALL WINTER!!!!!! I am moving in Nov. to Orlando, Kingsland cuz I cannot stand this weather anymore. I am 20 yrs. old right now. I would rather be in Kingsland that Iowa though. It is really beautiful in the fall wen the leaves are changing over. That I will miss.

    Arizona. I currently reside in Iowa and I do not enjoy the cold weather one bit.

    Arizona. Iowa seems boring.

When is money that is given to Corporate Chief Officers to start funneling down, so we can afford the basics?

  • Liana Kohler
    Liana Kohler
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  • Marlene Brown
    Marlene Brown
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  • Dillon Weber
    Dillon Weber
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  • Dannie Bradtke
    Dannie Bradtke
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  • Rebecca Ankunding
    Rebecca Ankunding
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  • Price Pagac
    Price Pagac
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  • Carlo Stark
    Carlo Stark
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  • Rowland Maggio
    Rowland Maggio
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