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    If you do here is what you need to understand. 1st Mexicans were in Arizona long before the Americans. 2nd since the Mexican American war America and European governments and companies have interfered with Mexico's economy destroying it. A example is Anderson Clayton. This created the need for Mexicans to go north. Once here we where basically enslaved. America could have secured its southern border why didn't it? cheap labor. 3rd Im from New Mexico where we saw the immigrants from the east flood in and change everything. I mean everything. Our language our culture they even wave a foreign flag here. So basically everything you believe about immigration is wrong. Maybe we should pass a law in New Mexico to deport all the wet backs from America

    To American but you shouldnt act like Mexicans are illegal when yourcompanies and goverment are the cause of our plight and our goverment as will and not every single white american is bad in fact most arent its just the ones who don;'t know history and if you don't like mexicans then never come to my home state theres a bunch here

    Ok to respond mexico was forced to sell the land. Polk ordered the troops to cross the border in the thornton affair because he knew it would start a war.grant stated the polk started the war to gain more slave states funny how texas indepedene came shorlty after mexico out lawed slavery eve stone wall jackson was agasnt it remeber the zoosuit riots well hisanic men were fighting for america there sons and daughters where terriozed don't act like you never did anything to us we are not free loaders we give so much to this country i agree if someone comes here to rip the system off send them back i don't want mexico to get the southwest back the mexican goverment is a joke however i just wish america understood were not new to this country weve been here and were not leaving

    Stop sayng if mexico is so great why don't you movethere i was in mexico i shouldn't have to move for my people to be treated with respect and for the crying indain moron hispanics are indain too. we can't help that are fore fathers were nothing but rapists just like the americans can't help that there fore fathers where cheats liers and hyopacrates

    The New Mexican were in what is now Arizona, which was stolen from them by the Mexicans after their war with Spain, as were Texas and California, all three were separate Spanish colonies, taken by the Mexicans, claimed as spoils of war. The inhabitants of the new US territory were given three choices, stay as Americans, (which most did), stay as Mexican citizens, which many did, or return to Mexico, which very few did. The Mexican Government received $15,000,000 from the US government. My ancestors were in the Southwest US long before yours were, back when yours were in Spain and what is now central Mexico. So give back the lands of the Comanche, Apache, Tohono O'odum, Zunis, etc before you start crying about what was "stolen" from you. Only the illegal aliens are illegal. But if Mexico is so great, why don't you move to Mexico instead of turning the US Southwest into Mexico? And as for your claim that the US attacked Mexico, you have that backwards. Mexico committed the first attack in the war between Mexico and the United States. And BTW: New Mexico IS a part of the United States, and the foreign flag being waved over it is the Mexican flag. ----------------- Since the new law doesn't go into effect until August, there has been NOBODY stopped under it. There is the case of the two white Canadian illegals who killed a Phoenix cop who were stopped previously, suspected of being illegals, and let go since Phoenix is a 'sanctuary city'. If the cop who stopped them first, and wanted to turn them over to ICE, had been allowed to do so, the Hispanic cop who was murdered would still be alive.

    I think it's good.. It's more of a show and won't affect Arizona economically and far from countering L.A.'s boycott. Besides, Hemet is small. Many of the inland empire and Orange county support Arizona's law. I'm mad at the reaction the law has gotten. The law is not racist like people say although I do have concerns for it. It does shift the burden of proof for racial profiling. THe thing is people are concern that the law may be applied in a racist manner. Well, All laws can be. We should not condemn people for crimes we expect them to commit in the future. If they ever use the law in a racist manner, then we should file lawsuits. Frankly I believe the law was poorly written. There are better ways to fight illegal immigration. The town in Nebraska wrote one, but I am angry that ACLU is planning to sue the town if the law passes.

    So all the illegal Mexicans in Arizona have really been there for thousands of years? I don't think so buddy. Every land has been conquered since the beginning of time. Modern man wiped out the Neanderthals. How far back do you want to go with this? Bottom line, America was colonized, like it or not and as a civilized nation we have rules and regulations. Just like all the other conquered civilization nations around the world. By the way, Jason? With your vast knowledge of history, ever hear the the Gadsden Purchase? Where the US bought southern Kingsland lands from Mexico for 10 million dollars? Don't b**ch now. Your ancestors SOLD OUT.

    Hey genius. Not everyone in Arizona is white. What about the legal Mexicans that are here? You think it's fair for them to have to deal with illegals in their state? Also, your argument is stupid from the beginning. Ok, quick, every country in the world give back land that was not "originally yours". The U.S. will have to give back Florida to Spain, Southwest to Mexico, all of the midwest to France, the entire eastern seaboard to England (13 colonies) and Alaska to Russia. What about the Conquistadors that came over from Spain and killed all the Incas? How many decendants from them still live in Mexico? Get your history books out....you dummy. Go back to when people from Asia came over to North America across the land bridge. Read back enough in history and you'll find that no one was "THERE" before anyone.

    Ok dude, your "question" is just straight up RACIST! i think YOU should be deported back to mexico. note i didnt say all mexicans, just you. the first thing YOU need to understand is that the US of A owns this land now. not mexico. we obtained it through legal purchase from mexico. we didnt pilage it or invade it. 2. even mexico was barren before the mexicans "invaded" it. just like europe was barren before it was invaded and eurasia was barren before it was invaded etc. AFRICA is the cradle of life, NOT MEXICO. the world doesnt revolve around mexico. 3. we DONT want everything to change the way new mexico changed. i like living in a country that resembles america. if i didnt id move to mexico. i also dont care to learn a new language. if you think it was for the better, good for you. live there and leave us alone. 4. YOU are clearly the one who does not know about american history or the evolution of man. you also dont understand the law in question because a. its not about mexicans or mexico. it applies equally to EVERYONE whether your ancestry is asian, european, mexican, native american, or what the eff ever. even me, and i was born and raised in america. im fair skinned, have green eyes and blonde hair and no accent and yet i will surely be asked for proof of citizenship if im caught breaking the law. b. it does NOT permit law enforcement to stop you on the basis of race or any other federally protected status. it simply requires that they follow the ALREADY EXISTING federal laws of asking for id when you are stopped FOR breaking the law. 5. its really easy to become a citizen. theres no reason not to go through the proper channels. which is really all we ask. its not like were saying that people cant move here at all. btw, WHATEVER happened in the past, its just that... THE PAST! so forget it. besides, you werent even alive back then so you really have NO reason to be upset about it. im not all bigoted against egyptians because in biblical times they enslaved my people. and actually theyre not even my people anymore. my family has been american for five generations now. get over it. EDIT: LMAO dude, NOONE has been stopped because of this yet because it doesnt go into effect for another like 2.5 months. seriously, READ the darn thing! its only 17 pages. although its probably only in english which i know is not your strong suit or your preffered language :roll also, if you keep saying you prefer mexican customs better than american, then people are going to keep telling you to go back to mexico. thats just how the world works. stop mooching and conform, or go where youll be treated the way you WANT. its that simple. everyone deserves to be happy. whats so hard to understand about that?

    I agree with the new law just passed and signed by our Governor, Jan Brewer. I read and hear of the protests by people, all over the country. You noticed I did not say "citizens", for a very good reason. Citizens with common sense do not have any idea of the problems of "illegal immigrants". I see illegals every day, either one at a time or in groups of 20 or 30 or more. Each one becomes one of your dependants. "The traditional gracious Mexican host would welcome honored guests by telling them, "Mi casa es su casa" --- my house is your house. It was a warm offer of hospitality. But of course a grateful guest would never take advantage of the literal words. Everybody understood that "Mi casa es su casa" was a polite fiction. Mexico today has flipped that polite phrase by exporting tens of millions of its poor people to the United States, and insisting they be treated as honored guests --- in our house. Today, the slogan of Mexico is "Su casa es mi casa" --- your house is mine. That is a slogan for home invaders." GO AZ.

    All that is fine until they cross the border.Then they are breaking the law and are subject to the penalty's.

A neo conservatives hero exposed?

  • Talia Feest
    Talia Feest
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  • Sofia Nitzsche
    Sofia Nitzsche
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  • Arnoldo VonRueden
    Arnoldo VonRueden
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