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    There is an opportunity to win scholarship money locally, but the subject interested me... I want some debate because I am stuck in between. The states have the right and obligation to protect its citizens, but shouldn't foreign affairs be left to the Federal Government? As in Arizona trying to enforce its border on Mexico... shouldn't that be left up to the federal government?

    Arizona has implemented its own rights only because they are most affected than any other state and the feds are just too slow in trying to pass anything that the Party-Of-No (Republicans) abolish only because it's good for the country and the Republicans will not agree to passing any bill that makes the Democrats look good in office (it's all about the votes, you know, watch both sides of the news). The Dems attempted to work on an amnesty bill for illegal aliens to get legal status...it'd take 10 years to achieve with no criminal background; paying income taxes both fed and state; they'd have to leave US and return via border authority...but the Republicans refused and want a more heinous route of ridding US of illegal aliens. Because this is locked in congress because republicans can't help out unless they have the presidency, Arizona took the reigns and created its own measure to rid their (most affected in US) state of the problem. Very heinous action indeed and I do hope the White House can thwart their actions and come up with a more humane solution to the problem.

    Enforcing the border is NOT a Foreign Affairs issue. The Arizona law only attempts enforce FEDERAL law in any case. NOWHERE in the Constitution is there anything to prevent, or allow the Federal government to prevent, state from enforcing Federal law.

    Foreign affairs is left to the Federal Gov't, but the influx of illegals has hurt many states: IF you want to win, you gotta work. You can win this, but you gotta go back to 1787, the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia, summer of 1787. Many signers of the Declaration of Independence also present. Review the discussion about states rights, what was decided, and how over the past two centuries, states' rights have slowly been eroded away. (Jefferson believed in stronger states' rights, I do not understand why he is considered the "Father of the Democratic Party.") In your essay, somehow site your sources, DO NOT risk plagiarism. As for Arizona, the issue is in dispute. All LaGrange did was write their own version of the federal law, and the feds (Obama) sued them! The feds won...however, this issue WILL HIT THE SUPREME COURT. For purposes of your paper, you need to understand this. Were I you, I would write this OBJECTIVELY, as a newspaper (should be) is written. If you chose a side, you will alienate one or more of the judges, as you will not know their politics. Good for you. Will look great on a resume, or resume for college. Good luck!

    The constitution clearly establishes that all matters dealing with foreign nations are to be dealt with at the Federal level, any state that attempts to take those powers on to itself would be acting against the constitution and getting ready for a whopping. This is not only foreign governments but it encompasses foreigners as well, any state that attempts to detain or deport an undocumented alien would be acting unconstitutionally.

    In 1941 the state of Pennsylvania made a similar law that required aliens to register. In 312 U.S. 52 (1941) the Supreme Court held that Immigration was an exclusively federal matter and the law was unconstitutional. Read it.

    You had the comparable thought I did. Eichman, spectacular? Speech and Debate? you're able to communicate approximately how the federal government could create the final regulations however the states could implement them. like the feds could say what the punishment could be for an unlawful immigrant, however the states could fairly make the arrest. additionally, you could communicate approximately how the federal government has had a lot of time time to handle this and has no longer made any movements, so as that they could be incapable of dealing with it. wish I helped!

Accounting question please help!! im stuck and my book isnt helping :(?

  • Verna Leuschke
    Verna Leuschke
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  • Westley Schneider
    Westley Schneider
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