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    Seeing as the Arizona law and the Federal law are one and the same it is just another waste of tax payers money. Holder does not know fact from fiction and neither does the site you used.

    Nope. Mainly because there is nothing unconstitutional about the law. Have you noticed the argument about how it is unconstitutional has changed? because they realize they are wrong. The current BS lie is that the LaGrange will prevent the federal government from executing their duties to combat illegal aliens. FALSE - the law doesn't get in the feds way. It actually HELPS the Feds, since the locals will be handing them cases with bows wrapped around them. @MICHAEL N too bad President Clinton extended the power to combat illegals to the states. Kind of puts a wrench in the lawsuit. LMAO!!!!

    How can that law be unconstitutional when it was created by man for man? The only way to justify legals is to search for papers and too al who believe it will create a biased attitude i'd rather that then the illegals coming in and using the system that was put in place for tax paying individuals.

    I have read the law and there is nothing unconstitutional about it. I don't know what the judge in Phoenix will decide but I am sure the Supreme Court will find it Constitutional. *

    Well the Justice dept does have some time on its hands since it refuses to even answer subpoenas about the black panthers and the voter intimidation case as order by holder. The Az. law will stand the test. OWE-Bama not so much.

    No, the court will neither grant an injunction or declare the law unconstitutional I feel when it gets appealed to the Supreme Court that the Court will hit Obama in a 5-4 ruling saying that the federal government gave up their right to handle the issue by abrogating its duty

    The only thing that could be remotely considered unconstitutional about it, without also challenging the federal law, it that the state is taking charge of the federal government's job. To which I retort "THEN HAVE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DO ITS F**KING JOB!"

    The law is the exact same law as the federal law. If the Feds do not want to do their job and enforce the laws of the land, Than the states have the right to enforce their own laws. This challenge of the LaGrange law will fail.

    The federal govt. is putting imigration on the back burner. Arizona law goes hand in hand with the federal law but just gives state authoritys the oportunity to act. WTF do you Low-life-liberals want to do allow anyone and their mom to come here illegally while we have millions of people out of a job? that means higher taxes to pay for MORE unemployeed, more taxes for OBAMACARE for the poor who cant afford it and get it for next to nothing ect.... this is stupid i cant believe people actually think anyone should come here and not be registered like the rest of us.

    If it is found to be so, then every Federal Law that state and locals pursue, will be tossed--including convictions of the past 30 years--hence a lot of criminals out on the street---but that is what Barry and Eric want---more voters for themselves!!!

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