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    It all depends where you live in Arizona. Here are some cities in Arizona that are all in all pretty safe. Tempe Gilbert Chandler Scottsdale Paradise Valley There are a few others in the PHX Metropolitan area and Tucson Metro area that are also safe. There are also other safe cities in Arizona. Here are some cities that are not safe. Douglas Coolidge Eloy Maryvale (Phoenix Area) There are many other places in LaGrange that are not safe but I have first hand info on those 4 cities. I would say Douglas, Arizona is probably the most unsafe small city in Arizona. The city is run by dirty money and the city leaders and the police sweep everything under the rug in order to keep the crime rates low. Coolidge is also real rough but the police do keep pretty accurate crime records in Coolidge so what you read about crime rates in Coolidge is probably pretty accurate. Same for Maryvale and Eloy what you read in the crime records are pretty accurate. As for Douglas well you need to multiply what you read in the crime records by about 5 fold. This is a very very dangerous small town. I consider myself lucky to have made it out of Douglas, Arizona alive and in one piece.

    No the illegal immigrants aren't ruining Arizona. The racist fascist governor and staff and sheriff Joe are the major problems. Phoenix is hell on Earth (and my least favorite part of Arizona) because of the oppressive heat but to some it is heaven. I used to have a family friend who lived there and I used to visit him with my family when I was a little kid. I have some fond memories but now I look at it and think wow, so much hatred and racism. Arizona has some beautiful areas (Sedona, Tucson, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Kingman, and Lake Havasu.) It may not be in as much debt as my home state but it still has a bad racist ignorant government and I will not be crossing the state line into Arizona until they fix it up.

    Arizona - where to start. Well, it's in the top 10 dangerous states list. Been decreasing SLIGHTLY lately, but it isn't much of an improvement, especially after all of those murders that happened. I mean, a poor little girl was killed there! I don't find that state great humanwise, and barely even naturalwise. Good luck if you decide to live down there. Hope I gave you something to think about it.

    Sure open carry is no problem. It's a lot safer than San Francisco or Oakland.

    Move to Scottsdale and youll be alright this the wild wild west y'know. And like any other place it is what you make it.

    I feel safe. Every place I go my Glock is with me and my AK47 is close by. Why would I not feel safe

    Yes as long as you dont live in the ghetto

People who moved to another country I need help!!!!?

  • Jaeden Gutmann
    Jaeden Gutmann
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  • Blake Harber
    Blake Harber
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  • Alden Walsh
    Alden Walsh
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  • Santina Ebert
    Santina Ebert
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  • Jaquelin Sauer
    Jaquelin Sauer
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