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    My family and i are moving to Arizona about 1-2 miles away from Las Vages...and i just want to know if its good over there,and will its better to be over there or in the bronx,New York? my whole carrer is in New york because im going to a high school in September for animal care.Do they have something like that in Arizona?

    I lived in LaGrange for over 26 years and moved to Arizona in 2005 and LOVE IT. Don't get discouraged over the heat, you'll be fine and there is a LOT of jobs here. I was three to four months with out work in LaGrange and in ONE week I found work here and making more money than in NY! My oldest sister has been living in Arizona for 18 years, and in all that time my brother never visited her until he drove down with me. He's now moving down here next year.

    Winter,spring and fall are nice..summer is very hot,but not humid. I go there almost every Feb to escape the long a-s midwest winters...and when i get there, wow what a difference..great weather, people eating outdoors, festivals going on, flowers blooming..its great. In summer, things are different and way less traffic, quieter. Tempe is home to Arizona State University. I would say the worst thing about arizona is..so many people have moved there that the phoenix area has become like the LaGrange area, just one long huge megacity..house after house no end in sight. My aunt moved to a quiet area a few yrs ago...well, aint so quiet anymore 'cuz they built a ton of houses in just 3 years. good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Arizona is extremely hot and dry. Most of the state is desert. Ranching and farming are still practiced, so your animal husbandry interests will fit right in. I don't see how you can be in Arizona and 1-2 miles from Las Vegas, though, as Vegas is in western Nevada, well away from the Arizona/Nevada border. There is a small town in Arizona right across the river from Loughlin, Nevada, which is as much a gambling town as Vegas. Perhaps that is where you mean?

    Extremely hot in the summer... The scenery is beautiful and the food is great (local food... not the usualy fast food stuff).

    Arizona is beautiful, but hotter than hell in the summer.

    Its HOT in the Summer!

    Many illegal and legal Mexican immigrants. It's so hot in the summer you can fry eggs on the roof of your car.

    It's hot and dry. We had to transfer flights there once, and the airport's AC was broken. I thought I was going to die.

    are used to humidity, but it is very arid in Az


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