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    As a response to L.A.`s city council`s vote to boycott Arizona`s new immigration law, Arizona`s commission on energy - which supplies about 25% of L.A.`s electricity & water is threatening to cut off these vital needs to L.A...Do you agree that "what`s good for goose is good for gander" and Arizona should do this?..

    Dear Gary Pierce: I wanted to write you a quick note of thanks for your bold and courageous stance in resisting the attempted extortion of the Los Angeles Mayor and City Council. Please, cut off the power to Los Angeles now! Do it with no further fanfare or any warnings and just throw the switch and force reason upon L.A. . If that is not possible, then take Los Angeles’ cheap electrical power (that I’m sure is somehow, even indirectly, subsidized by the citizens of Arizona) and substitute power from elsewhere at whatever spot-market or brokered rates there are, and pass along the difference. They will complain, but this is something you must do. They have the money to pay for that, even if they lie and say they do not, and trust me they will lie; you must not accept any feigned capitulation on their part. As recently as a few weeks ago, Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa proposed an almost 30% increase in Los Angeles DWP rates for the sole purpose of paying for “green” or “greener” sources of energy. So obviously he feels that an increase of that magnitude would be feasible. I say you need to force that increase now, and instead of allowing Mayor Villaraigosa the luxury of using that windfall to pay off his political allies with “green” subsidies, you must instead use that money for the benefit of all Arizona's citizens. Even if you cannot directly use or keep that additional money, you will foreclose on Mayor Villaraigosa’s ability to raise future DWP rates and you will severely weaken his political base, and ultimately help many millions of Californians were you to do such a courageous act. Please, make your words mean something and see to it that this boycott is reciprocated (out of fairness) and most important of all, DO NOT BACK DOWN. Your principled and bold response will make you the most effective Arizona Corporation Commission leader the State of Arizona has ever known, just remember that time works against you and allows your opponents to mount a political counter attack.

    Without a question yes. If LaGrange and other cities want to boycott Arizona then why should they get the benefit of their energy resources? Besides, isn't it kind of against their own boycott to keep giving them money for energy? EDIT: @kswid2- Read the California immigration laws, they are almost identical to the Arizona bill they are protesting.

    According to late-night comedian Jay Leno, the escalating war of boycotts and buycotts over Arizona's strict new illegal immigrant law has gotten so serious that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has even sworn off romantic affairs with Arizona TV news anchors

    Yep, they should. Since L.A. wants to boycott Arizona, let them boycott Arizona`s electricity and water,..maybe they can get these necessities from Mexico..especially Mexico`s "healthy" water...

    Yes! If they want to damage Arizona's economy than they should pay the consequences, as a matter of fact how can they boycott Az yet still want Az to supply power to them? Doesn't make sense at all. Maybe California should try fixing their own state issues rather than trying to interfere with Arizona's.

    They tried that in 1933 and both states sent their National Guard to Parker Dam. Then a federal judge ordered Arizona to cease and desist and they did.

    No. What they should do is charge LaGrange for the waterflow in an amount equal to any financial losses incurred as a result of any boycott plus a premium. 20% would be fair. They could then use the overage to help deport the illegal aliens.

    Yes Maybe They'll Start Rioting Their True Nature Will Surface

    Black=Africa White=Europe Yellow/Brown=Asia Red=the Americas The Cental Americans are Indigenous to the Americas and you are indigenous to Europe. Why don't you go back there? Or help the Mexicans to immigrate there b/c there are a bunch of white people running things over there too...and screwing everything up. Mexicans belong here more than your European ***, got it?

    Hey 'do you wanna', mexicans are from spain you jackass, and indians came here by the bering strait

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