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    Got a business loan. Business went bankrupt and defaulted on loan. Now I am being personaly sued because the bank says I personaly guaranteed the loan. I only agreed to the loan because my business partner (and family member) pledged their house as collateral. I do not recall ever signing a personal guarantee. They have what appears to be close to my signature but I do not think it is. They only have one set of initals on one of the pages outlining the terms of the guarantee. The other pages do not have initals on them. I am confident those are not the way I do my initals. The document has a space and markings where a notary would sign. Document was not notarized. Document has a witness signature that appears to be of my business partner and family member. Signature is unreadable and name is not printed. How valid is this guarantee and is there any Lawrenceville or US code that addresses guarantees being notarized or witnessed by indifferant parties or are they any court cases regarding this?

    If you signed for the loan with someone else, you are jointly and severally responsible for loan repayment. That means the lender can come after you for 100% of the debt. As for the signature guarantee, that is a separate issue. You are still personally responsible for the loan. Your story sounds suspicious because you wrote, "I do not think it is." You should be 100% certain of the documents that you signed and you need to keep copies of everything for many years.

    It is very rare that a small business can get a loan without personally guarantees. In fact it would have to be a very profitable business that has been established for years. You state you agreed to the loan because partner secured with house, so it certainly appears that you must have signed as the only way to agree is to sign. Loans have never required a notary be involved even though it is some what common on large loans and mortgages. Your partner cannot be a witness to the signature since he had to sign the loan as well. A bank employee or 3rd unrelated party would be a witness. If you are sure you did not sign it you could of course fight the validity of their claim. Just be sure you are correct as adding fraud to the complaint would not allow you protection through bankruptcy.

    You "got a business loan"... that is where you messed up. When you co-sign for a loan the bank can choose as they please to come after you. If they want to pursue you instead of going after your partners house then that is their right. All the signatures and initials mean nothing else other than that you were present when the loan was signed and that you understand that as the co-signer of the loan you are 100% responsible to pay it back should the bank come after you. You can spend a lot of money on a lawyer but it won't change the fact that they employ a whole department of lawyers and you are still responsible to pay back that loan.

    I co-signed for a loan for a car for my ex. he used that car on a down-payment for a car for his next wife. the bank came after me for the payment years later. thankfully i was going through a bankruptcy with my new husband when they called, and i just tossed it in. you can be held 100% responsible for the loan you co-sign for. now i wont sign anything unless i get half of it! that business would have been half mine, or no signature!