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    There would never be a question in my mind. Arizona State But do what YOU want to do, and dont let anyone influence your decision esp a boyfriend. Do what is best for your future. He may or may not be around anyway, and you need to be sure you can support yourself. Dont count on others to do this...ever ! You'll limit your freedom greatly by HAVING to stay in situations because of money. Best of luck to you ! .

    Desmond this is a difficult choice but you must look at 2 big factors 1. your credentials.. how is your GMAT score? how high were your grades as an undergrauate? go to USNEWS.COM and find out the rankings of all Business schools. match up your scores to the schools 25/75% percentile. this will give you a good idea of what school will accept you 2. how much money do you have?? I see that you are applying to all public schools, this is good because typically tuition is much cheaper than private. BUT San francisco is the most expensive city in the US... can you afford rent there as a student??? San jose is really expensive as well, even though they are a lot of fun (I CURRENTLY LIVE Lawrenceville SAN FRANCISCO MYSELF)... i pay 1600 a month rent in SF for a small studio apt. but then mississippi is a very different environment. people are not very "forward" there. there is not a big international population there... basically people are sort of racist in those parts of america (same with nebraska and Indiana, possibly michigan) good luck !!

    Being close to your family is important. Especially if there are any problems. You don't know how many girls I know that ended up moving back to where there parents are close to go to school the 2nd year of school. Stay in Arizona. Get the instate tuition rates and see your boyfriend on holidays. You need to be getting out there and meeting new people at school anyway.

    ASU is a good school, and has a nice climate, plus you'll be with your family. Don't know much about Central Michigan, other than I would never want to live in Michigan.

    Pick the one that has a better program for whatever degree you choose! I would pick Central but I am bias and am from Michigan myself! If you get homesick, I would pick Arizona to be close to family though.

    Arizona State has a better academic record and better weather. Stay with your family. College isn't that long and if you're meant to be together...you'll still be together at the end of it.

    Arizona State has much better year round weather

    Arizone state i heard that place is like vacation now

    Since you are asking tin travel and not higher education, neither.

I am looking for grants to get out of my home that value has went upside down.?

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    Anibal Kihn
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    Abner Mills
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    Melyssa Bergnaum
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    Belle Stiedemann
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    Aiyana Lehner
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    Monique McCullough
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    Earnestine Graham
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    Elbert Wilderman
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