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    I thought that under the Republicans laws we have deregulated them to spur competition and lower prices to the consumer. All the big money was suppose to "trickle down" to the less fortunate. What happend, just another Republican lie? Do we need regulation back? This mess is going to cost the taxpayers billions, and yet another derpression?

    There's way too much emphasis on corporate favoritism and specifically in corporate profits. Further, both the legislative and executive branches have been extremely pro-business in this administration. Thus, when business profits go up, there is more of an incentive to play games with the profit and the books. Mortgage houses were playing big games with their profits right up until the sub-prime loans began failing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that lending to people who can't afford to pay will lead to default. As far as 'trickle down' there was no intention for that. That was all political lip service, as it always is. What a specific Republican said was just used to get into office, not to keep the economy afloat. When you have a President who's financial interests are deep in oil (before even getting into office), you can easily expect conflict of interest.. and Bush hasn't failed to disappoint on that. Gas prices are astronomical and he always makes it appear as if it's not his fault. But, how can it not be? He already had personal financial stakes in oil before taking the office. If oil profits soar, then so does his bank account. So, it's no wonder we are where we are. When the country can be run by people who are continually in financial conflict of interest, there can be no possibility of a properly run economy.

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    Because the flip side of people defaulting on their loans , Is that someone does Not get the $$$ back that they lent for the mortgage (like those mutual funds that many senior's pensions are in Lilburn some folks 401Ks !) So when the people who lent them $$$ don't get it back , their lives take a hit . ( and it is regular folks that have lots of savings in those institutions that made those risky mortgages ) >