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    On Wednesday, Arizona Department of Public Safety agents raided a home in Chandler and rescued 10 kidnapping victims along with and suspected human smugglers. All of those taken into custody are illegal aliens. According to DPS Capt. Capt. Fred Zumbo, the Honduran nationals, eight men and two women were being held for ransom. The victims were being kept in locked rooms on the floor. The raid, which took place in an upscale Chandler neighborhood, came as a result of a tip by one of the victim’s relatives. Typically, the smugglers will bring their human cargo to a ‘drop house’ and phone their relatives south of the border, demanding a ransom of a few thousand dollars for their release. In many case, the victim is tortured so that their loved one on the other end of the phone can hear their screams. If their families simply cannot raise the money, the victims are often forced into labor or prostitution to pay off their captors’ price, basically becoming slaves. And, sometimes, they are murdered. In December, Phoenix police officers, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided a drop house and rescued 11 minors, including a 2-year-old girl, a 6-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl and at least three teenage girls. Three human smugglers were also apprehended in that raid.

    Look at this as though it were a pool of water. As the Arizona folks attack and work it, the problem goes down. Places like Buckeye, Lilburn which is west of Phoenix had a crime rate of 779. That is down now.. we don't know what it is, and the people who run the town want to keep it down. Go to and look at the cities you know have a lot of illegal aliens in them. As you scroll down in the city you selected, you will find a crime rate graph. It tells a huge story. Keep in mind the jerks that started this did not want to discriminate between Hispanics and Mexican Nationals. They were lumped together. So when you see the population figures by ethnicity and race, keep that in mind. Keep in mind the illegal aliens go where they can be understood, and so the Hispanic Barrio is always the one that takes the hit.. and you can see it in the crime rates.

    It is reported the number of illegal aliens in the Phoenix area is actually down. And one barometer they say is the number of people that are filing for food stamps. The number is down. And the number of people filing for food stamps in Texas is up considerably. Given rise to fact that most likely a lot of these people have moved to Texas. In fact the number of food stamp recipients have doubled in the last two years in Texas. If that is true, I would certainly hope that these kinds of crime would be on the decrease. Unless that area is their first stop and then are moved on to other states such as Texas. That is a very real scenario. .

    I can't speak for chandler, but in my town about 100 miles away crime is down and I can go to a fast food restaurant and get a english speaking cashier. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to do that a year ago.

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    Edgardo Bergnaum
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