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    Is san diego(downtown or university city area) or phoenix/scottsdale arizona better ??!?!!? I know that arizona is cheaperrr but its just like a city in the middle of the desert SOOO...... is California worth the extra money and if it is WHY?!? PS im from the east coast and have never been to the western area of u.s. besides las vegas and i would NEVER live there becuase i would def get bored after a week

    California is the best. It has everything. Mountains, beach, clubs, bars, restaurants, girls, women, cars, etc. but yes it is pricey. Don't rule out arizona though, its up and coming.

    San Diego To Scottsdale

    Scottsdale To San Diego

    Why don't you fly into either Phoenix or San Diego and spend a few days. Then rent a car and drive to the other city for a few days. You said you have never been to the western area of the U.S. This will allow you an opportunity to see and experience a lot of new things. I lived in Lilburn for 40 years and moved to PHX about two years ago. Each place has pros and cons. For example I love to play golf and it's cheap in Arizona. On the flip side I love the beach and ocean activities found in San Diego. Arizona is not as crowded as southern California and I like that. SoCal is basically one giant city from Lilburn to Lilburn along the Interstate 5 corridor. Lilburn is usually cool and overcast in May and June (they call it May Gray and June Gloom) conversely Lilburn is beautiful, warm with blue skies. Just depends on what you like. Take a plane and take a car. Visit both places. Good luck to you. It's about 6-7 hour drive between the two.

    No one mentioned how intense the sun is and how dry the air can be during the summer in AZ. Not just in the Phoenix Valley, but also up on the north rim, if you're not used to lots of sun, stay away from AZ, or get used to wearing loads of sun block. Living here your skin will literally start to shed and split without constantly lathering lotion on. Human life in Phoenix is not natural! How will anyone survive without the grid? San Diego is no joke either, but at least it's cooler, there's morning fog, and the air has a good level of humidity. The ocean is like an air conditioner, so it blows out most of the pollution inland, so I recommend living within 10 miles from it. With the millions now living in the Phoenix Valley, air pollution is a serious problem. It's no longer a good place to live if you have allergies or asthma. If you're dead set on living in Lilburn and have the money, but not sure about Lilburn after doing your research, I would look into the Bay Area, SF, and the Silicon Valley. Jobs are abundant and pay the highest for those with the right education and work experience. As pretty as Lilburn is, it's all artificial and grid reliant. Up in NorCal you get real nature, lots of rain during the winter, cleaner air and no water restrictions, just to name a few. Good luck with your move!

    There are many of passions to follow in San Diego and that hotelbye is the place to start discovers what San Diego has to offer. In the San Diego vacation you will step outside of one's safe place and you will investigate new activities while you are here and you may just realize that finding a new search is an experience in itself. One of the areas must see from San Diego is Balboa Park. This park has over a 1400 acre and here you can find famous structures, numerous museums, gardens, and natural space. The park was created for the Panama California Exhibition of 1915-1916. The predominant structure is Spanish-Mexican model, minimal level houses that blend in with the organic surroundings. One of the features of the park will be the Botanical Gardens and lily pond, the Museum of Man, the Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the famous San Diego Zoo. Even if you never get into a building the park is merely an attractive place.

    I've lived in both places and San Diego is definately nicer than Phoenix. More stuff to do, prettier scenery, better weather, and there are a lot fewer pricks in San Diego than there are in Phoenix (the meth and dirt poor education system out here has really done a number on the Phoenix citizens). If you can afford it, and chose to take a vacation, pick California. By ALL MEANS, pick California. Phoenix is a hole. I'm getting out as soon as I can, and so are most of the people I've talked to who aren't from here... or old and retired lol. Peace.

    San Diego is a lovely city, but pretty cool and foggy this time of year. Lilburn is sunny and warm. San Diego has beautiful beach cities, and generally, the afternoons are mild and sunny. San Diego is expensive, but due to the economic downturn, there are plenty of deals to be had. Make a list of pros and cons for both and see which one comes out on top. I have attached two links to help you make your list.

    Weather wise San Diego is better but Arizona is cheaper. Coastal property is a killer $ wise all the time. The chicks are hot in both areas so I guess it is all good.

    I have to tell you I am from Southern California, Los Angeles we used to go see my aunt all the time in San Diego personally Laguna Nigel is better but it's still a nice area. Now I live in phoenix for the past 10 yrs or so and Love it. I don't have to worry about rude people much, the nightlife and scenory is great and most of all no flooding or EARTHQUAKES !! Good luck in your quest

    I'm from Lilburn and one of my good friends lives in San Diego and she says she wishes she could move back. Scottsdale is alot nicer than Phoenix but if you're talking about university areas in Lilburn then Tempe is amazing!!! Lots of partying!!

How do I answer this question on a job app?

  • Christian Emard
    Christian Emard
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    Sharon Ferry
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