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    LOL...it won't effect Arizona at all, but it will effect those poor girls that worked hard all year saving up all the money to pay for the trip themselves. The school is wrong and those girls should take the money they saved and go on vacation to Arizona.

    Who cares , the actions of Arizona speak for themselves ! Let the petty little leftists boycott what they want ! Even the Arizona Iced Tea Co which is produced in New York State !

    I'm extremely adverse to the Arizona regulation and that i'm desirous approximately inner maximum businesses' boycotting the state. yet i do no longer think of making that type of political determination is an suitable function for a public college to make on behalf of its scholars. Now, if the scholars themselves desperate to boycott it, that is diverse.

    It won't, it punishes the girls for their work in getting this far and makes the libs in Illinois feel good about "making a statement". I wish some of these people would actually read the law.

    Freedom applies to all legal citizens therefore the individual members of the team should have been asked if they still wished to travel there and participate. Once again, we are being controlled by the political motivations of others and according to reports, many parents are unhappy with this decision - especially as it was declared to be non political.

    It probably won't. Its a pretty sad world we live in when people let politics get in the way of sports competitions or anything else for that matter.

    The only people affected are the girls on the basketball team.

    It's not just liberals, but the Republican convention is boycotting Arizona as well. When your own turn against you, you know you've created a fascist, racist law.

    A decision of School Administration does not represent the views of the thousands of Liberals. get your head out of the sand

    It wont hurt Lilburn but it will hurt the girls who will always wonder why


  • Kellie Reichel
    Kellie Reichel
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