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    It'll cost the state *millions* of dollars and precious resources (that the state doesn't have right now) to fully mount a court battle that will most likely take months to see to the end. (If it ever gets that far.) Are Arizonans prepared for that kind of financial burden--especially in this politically and economically charged environment? Will they hold Brewer accountable for wasting state money pursuing a wild goose?

    Even a moron like you should know by now that Arizona got MILLIONS in private donations for this legal fight from all over the country. It's DONATIONS from people, who support this law, people who support law and order, not idiots like you. Got it, cretin?

    I believe the majority of citizens of Arizona will hold the Federal government responsible for this extra cost as well as refusing to protect the border to begin with. The Obama administration will come out of this badly.

    If they are really smart, they would throw every bit of the blame on this issue smack at John McCain....who has stuffed his pockets for years and years with money from the Arizona businesses that don't want the illegals deported.....instead of doing something good for his state. He could have, long ago, and with plenty of support from most of the members of Congress....introduced legislation to deny citizenship to any child who does not have at least one US citizen for a parent. This would have solved an incredible amount of problems the state is having now. And John McCain damned well knows it. Disgusting Republican oaf so busy taking money from business that he has let his state get into this situation. SHAME ON HIM! Who will pay for this huge mess that John McCain has sat back and watched develop....why the same folks who pay over and over....people in Arizona just like you and me... AND all of us will pay for the Federal court time to hear the danged thing.

    AZ has already lost enough illegals collecting food stamps, welfare and "free" health care to finance their legal costs. Plus the patriotic people making donations helps too.

    Donations. Millions of Americans are donating $$$$$$ to the state.

    Arizona cannot afford the staggring amounts of money that the illegal aliens are costing the State of Arizona. The State of Arizona does not have any realistic or acceptable options other than to pursue the lawsuit.

    But of course they have the money to educate, house, provide health care and other social service programs for 500,000 illegal immigrants, right ?? That's why there in this spot in the first place. IT'S NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

    San Francisco will turn down even hearing her Appeal and turn off the water and electricity to Lithia Springs at the same time!!

    Maybe Tea partiers will have a hat collection for Brewer's legal fees and buy her some more of that orange self tanner. She can also use some of that campaign money oh, wait SB 1070 is her ploy to get re-elected. To p it all off Brewer just looks darn hedious to boot.

    Americans from all over the country are donating money for the cause so it wont really cost the state any money. FAIL

Is a 630 credit score good in todays economy?

  • Melyna Bogan
    Melyna Bogan
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  • Olga Robel
    Olga Robel
    Is contained 630 products financial solvency
  • Chyna Schuster
    Chyna Schuster
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    Orion Smitham
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    Kenna Glover
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    Alessandra Frami
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    Jovanny Bergstrom
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    Nelson Walker
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  • Levi Morar
    Levi Morar
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  • Zelda Wisoky
    Zelda Wisoky
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